The Hybrid is an extensive reading and crystal healing experience that will bring you into balance, give you the answers you need to succeed, and leave you relaxed and ready to move forward.

By combining both, you have the best, most well-rounded reading, incorporating all aspects of your energy system-- from your body to your soul.

This is what's included in The Hybrid Reading:

  • 1-3 Question Reading

    1-3 questions answered and a description of who came through from your spiritual guide team to provide answers and support.

  • Crystal Healing Session

    Crystal Healing Session with a complete analysis of your chakra system, both before and after the healing, detailing what could be contributing to stagnant energy in your auric field.

  • PDF of your reading notes & phone call with me

    This session includes a phone call to discuss your session together and a personalized, detailed PDF of your reading notes.

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The Hybrid Reading

The reading schedule is closed until the new year. Please contact me if you would like to get on the waiting list.

Sometimes you need a little extra help. As a healer, I can help you realign your electromagnetic field and clear energetic imbalances. As an intuitive, I can connect with your spiritual guide team to receive the guidance you need to confidently navigate your life or whatever you’re needing assistance with.

What's included in The Hybrid Reading:

  • 1-3 question reading 
  • Crystal healing session
  • Complete analysis of your chakra system
  • Phone call with me to go over your healing and reading
  • Personalized keepsake PDF of your healing and reading notes

    Important information about this reading

    This session is done distantly. Once booked, I will email you to get the information I need to do your appointment and schedule a phone conversation.

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    • "Miki has helped me communicate with my guides and my ancestors. She always brings such beautiful messages, even when there’s something I need to improve on. I am so lucky to have found Miki and her services. And I would love to recommend her to anyone who is looking for truly amazing change in their lives. Miki is very talented and very connected."

      - Jennifer Sher

    • "I’ve had a number of readings over the years, but Miki’s reading stands out for its level of detail and accuracy. It was incredibly specific, including a number of personal details that showed me that she was in direct contact with my guides.I had one particular question involving some deep issues and the advice I got relating to that was incredible, deeply healing for me and also most illuminating on the subject of why people suffer in life. Miki handled the sensitivity of the question with much empathy and understanding. I received valuable advice concerning spirit guides, health, and current life circumstances and I therefore wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Miki for a reading."

      - A. Murphy

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