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Manifesting Through The Chakras Mini-Course

Did you know that chakras affect your vibration rate, which also affects your frequency? Learn how to use your chakras to increase abundance and manifest like a boss. 

In this mini-course:

  • Learn how vibration and frequency shape your life and how they relate to your Chakra System. Discover how to get into the flow of synchronicity where the Universe naturally supports you.


  • Learn three ways of cleansing your chakras that can seamlessly blend into your daily life. With these comprehensive and straightforward methods, you will find yourself more in touch with your intuitive needs and more comfortable working with the signals from your body.

  • Gain insight into the Chakra System, including a quick guide cheat sheet.

  • Work through a seven-week and one-week personal cleansing self retreat with journal prompts that dig deep into your chakras, identifying your blocks to help you reframe them.


  • Fillable on computers, tablets, and phones

 Download your self retreat mini-course today.

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