Realign your electromagnetic field and clear energetic imbalances with the help of crystal energy.

Crystal healing is similar to Reiki in that it reduces stress, encourages relaxation, and promotes a sense of wellbeing.

Bringing the body into balance and reuniting mind, body, and emotions as one.

This is what is included in the Energetic Crystal Healing:

  • Crystal Healing Session

    Catered to your needs based on input from your Guide Team. Sent like an attunement and downloadable when it's convenient for you.

  • Chakra System Analysis

    Complete analysis of your chakra system and all energy bodies before and after your healing session.

  • Personalized PDF of your healing session

    Personalized, printable PDF of anything that came through during your healing session detailing what could be contributing to stagnant energy in your auric field.

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Energetic Crystal Healing

The schedule is closed until the new year. Please contact me if you would like to get on the waiting list.

Crystals, with their repeating geometric structure, have a stable vibratory rate, whereas, we tend to fall into entropy and become stressed. By introducing crystals, with a higher and more stable frequency into our energy field, our bodies naturally move into entrainment. This enables our energy to move back into alignment allowing blocks to fall away. Crystal healing will leave you refreshed, relaxed, and balanced, ready to move forward. 

What's included in the Energetic Crystal Healing

  • Crystal healing session tailored to your needs based on your guide team's input
  • Complete analysis of your chakra system before and after your session
  • Personalized keepsake PDF of your healing notes and messages that come through during your session


Important information about your healing session.

This session is done distantly. Once booked, I will email you to get the information I need to do your healing.

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  • "I don't normally write about healers or psychics, Miki is different. When I say different, I mean when she works you have an immediate effect. Now I am not talking about some Hollywood spontaneous regeneration nonsense, but what you will get is a strong emotional and physical reaction. When she worked on me I was knocked out asleep, out of my body astral traveling, as soon as she started; and for hours after she finished all from 2000 miles away. My doctors saw a difference in me within three months. The short version is I saw a 20% increase in kidney function after she worked on me, but more importantly I saw years of emotional trauma gone in a matter of hours. This of course led to further self-examination and questions, but you buy the ticket, you take the

    -Matthew Smithwick

  • "I have had several opportunities to work with Miki. The first was when I was feeling stuck in my job and generally unhappy and lacked the needed energy in order to be successful. She spoke to me about clearing my chakras and although I was unsure what that meant or what was required, I put my trust in Miki to lead me through the process. Her words were so clear that I was able to follow her instructions and if I ever had any questions, she was always available to help me. I was amazed at how much life changed for me in just a summer from this one experience with her. I was open to finding new paths that would allow me to feel more fulfilled, less anxious, and ready for the next step. Since that time, I have turned to Miki for guidance and help when I become overwhelmed with wonder. I am now on a spiritual path where questions, or lack of understanding seemed to interfere with my moving forward. Being able to reach out to Miki is a blessing for she is able to contact my angels and spirit guides and get answers for me. I am often brought to tears as I read her responses for she has given me the insight and strength to trust myself. Miki is a wealth of information and no matter what I bring to her, she always has
    the resources and knowledge to provide me with exactly what I need."

    -Laure Arnoff

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