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Energetic Crystal Healing

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Realign your electromagnetic field and clear energetic imbalances with the help of crystal energy. This energetic healing includes an analysis of your chakra system, both before and after the healing, along with a report detailing what could be contributing to stagnant energy in your auric field. 

This crystal healing is performed distantly and will include directions for calling in your healing, like an attunement, when it’s convenient for you. No appointment  necessary.

Crystal healing is similar to Reiki in that it reduces stress, encourages relaxation, and promotes a sense of wellbeing. It also brings the body into balance, reuniting mind, body, and emotions as one.

Crystals, with their repeating geometric structure, have a stable vibratory rate, whereas, we tend to fall into entropy and become stressed. By introducing crystals, with a higher and more stable frequency into our energy field, our bodies naturally move into entrainment. This enables our energy to move back into alignment allowing blocks to fall away. Crystal healing will leave you refreshed, relaxed and balanced, ready to move forward. 

*Once booked, I will email you to get the information I need to do your healing.

This includes:

  • crystal healing session
  • full analysis of your chakra system before and after
  • a detailed email with directions for calling in your healing attunement as well as your healing notes