Through animal communication, also known as interspecies telepathy, you can bring more balance and love into the relationship between you and your pet.

Animals have amazing souls. They also have a lot to share with their humans.

Sometimes all it takes is to see things from their point of view.

This is what's included in The Animal Communication Reading:

  • 5 to 10 Question Reading

    Five to ten questions of your choice that you would like answered by your pet.

  • Crystal Healing Session

    Crystal Healing Session with a complete analysis of your pet's chakra system, both before and after the healing.

  • Personalized PDF of Your Reading

    Personalized Keepsake PDF of your reading with your pet's photo on the front.

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Animal Communication Reading

The reading schedule is closed until the new year. Please contact me if you would like to get on the waiting list.

If you would like me to speak to your pet on your behalf, please think of 5-10 questions you would like answered. This reading also comes with an energetic crystal healing. I have found that most animals are much more inclined to speak to a stranger after they feel nice and relaxed.  

What's included in the Animal Communication Reading:

  • 5-10 questions of your choice answered by your pet
  • A crystal healing session for your pet
  • Complete analysis of your pet's chakra system, before and after the session
  • Personalized keepsake PDF of your pet's reading



Important information about this reading

This session is done distantly with a photo of your pet where their eyes are visible. Once booked, I will email you to get the information I need to do your reading.

Booking for Multiple Pets

If you are interested in having multiple animals read for in the same household, please contact me through the Contact page before purchasing.

  • "Miki is one of the most gifted psychic/mediums I've ever encountered. Her amazing ability to communicate with animals in body and in spirit brings much needed comfort to her clients. I've consulted with Miki on numerous occasions and two of those were for fur babies who were ill. Her communication and guidance helped me tremendously when my fur babies were ready to transition. It's very hard at times to know what animals want and how they feel, but Miki is able to be the connection between you and your pet(s) to make sure that everyone is on the same page. I am forever grateful for her."

    - Julia S.

  • "Miki uses her gift with such incredible compassion and empathy.  I have had her read two of my pets. The first was Hanna, a puppy mill rescue who had only been with us for a few weeks.  Miki gained Hanna’s trust through healing and gained information that was so useful for me being able to in turn gain Hanna’s trust and bond with her.  The second pet, Tommy the cat, was not doing well at all after another one of our cats passed away.  Miki was able to let him know that it was okay, and although I believe he still grieved, he was noticeably better after the reading/healing.  What I respect and appreciate most about Miki’s readings/healings, is the very comprehensive and easy-to-understand report that she writes after a service.  She clearly explains the healing, and then transcribes the conversation she had with my pets, very helpful! I highly recommend Miki and her services, she is the real deal!"