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Animal Communication Reading

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Through animal communication, also known as, interspecies telepathy, I can communicate with your animal companion and get the answers that you are looking for. I can help you bring more balance and love into your relationship and help you understand where your companion is coming from. Sometimes all it takes is to see things from their point of view. Animals have amazing souls and have a lot to share with their humans. 

If you would like me to speak to your pet on your behalf, please think of 5-10 questions you would like answered. This reading also comes with an energetic crystal healing. I have found that most animals are much more inclined to speak to a stranger after they feel nice and relaxed. Once booked, I will email you about what I need to do your reading.


If you are interested in having multiple animals read for at the same time, please contact me to discuss pricing options. 



This is what one client had to say about my conversation with her cat, Savannah.


I was struggling with what I would have called a love/ hate relationship with our cat, Savannah. No one else in my family seemed to have this problem.

My biggest beef with her was that she’d meow really loud all the time, throughout the entire house. And it’s not that she was meowing so much as she was really yelling. Her meow was at a pitch and level I had never heard from a cat before and it’s the only voice she used. It was obnoxious and super annoying and it didn’t seem that she cared. There was some real tension between her and I. Here I was, a grown woman at odds with a cat. My family found great humor in this.

Aside from the conflict, Savannah was really good at climbing Evergreen trees, almost to their top and getting stuck. For a period of a few months, we were calling rescue services regularly.

I felt there was something that ran deeper between Savannah and I, if someone could just shed some light that maybe her and I could bridge this gap and mend this relationship. So, I called Miki.

I knew the day Miki was going to perform this reading, but I didn’t know what time. I was outside working around our property when I looked over to see Savannah sitting in the sun, so perfectly on a log overlooking the meadow, it was as if she was meditating. She was so still and serene. I knew Miki was connected with her. I wish I had taken a picture because if I hadn’t have seen it for myself, I don’t know that I would have believed it.

When I received Miki’s report of her reading, my family and I were blown away by the information. It was in fact true that Savannah and I’s relationship ran deeper, we had a past life connection and were here together now to mend that fence. Savannah’s need to yell was because she didn’t feel she was being heard by me. In addition, she didn’t like all the noise and chaos that ensued at times in our home. (I have four kiddos, it can get a little crazy.)

She’d let Miki know that she’d do her best to use more of an ‘inside’ voice to communicate, but asked that I’d spend more time trying to connect with her. Savannah’s meow/voice changed immediately. Her voice became softer and mellow. It’s only now that when she’s not being heard, does she use her ‘loud’ voice to get our attention and that’s not often. Her demeanor and presence are also softer and more subtle.

I wouldn’t say that who Savannah is has changed, nor would I say that for myself and quite frankly, I wouldn’t want us to. But what did happen is that Miki was able to provide a platform through her mediumship that bridged the gap of understanding and compassion on so many levels for us. It’s because of this that there is harmony where there once was tension, and there is peace between her and I.

Miki, you have an AMAZING gift and talent! I can’t sing highly enough of your abilities and awesomeness! I am extremely grateful for you.

Dana Dietrich

P.S. Savannah’s issue with the trees…she loved the climb, but coming back down was scary.  We haven’t had an issue with trees since. xoxo