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1-3 Question Hybrid Reading

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Sometimes you need a little extra help. As a healer, I can help you realign your electromagnetic field and clear energetic imbalances. As an intuitive, I can connect with your spiritual guide team to receive the guidance you need to confidently navigate your life or whatever you’re needing assistance with. By combining the two together, I can give you the best, most rounded experience, looking at all aspects of your energy system from your body to your soul. 

This is an extensive crystal healing and reading experience that will bring you into balance, give you the answers you need to succeed and leave you relaxed and ready to move forward in whatever way you are needing to. 

This includes a full analysis of your chakra system, both before and after the healing, detailing what could be contributing to stagnant energy in your auric field, along with 1-3 questions you would like answered and a description of who came through to provide answers and support.

This reading/healing is done distantly. Once booked, I will email you to get the information I need to do your appointment and schedule a phone conversation.

 This includes: 

  •  crystal healing session
  • a full analysis of your chakra system
  • 1-3 question reading
  • a phone conversation to discuss your reading 
  • an email with directions for calling in your healing attunement, along with your healing and reading notes