lapis lazuli, smoky quartz and rose quartz- crystals to help you destress during the holidays

Your Holiday Survival Assortment

The holidays can be a pretty fun time of year, spent with family and friends. But for some, it’s quite the opposite. It’s just not that fun. Maybe you’re alone and don’t have anywhere to go, or maybe you have some place to go, but you don’t want to be there, or maybe you have to go to the mall.

Yep. I said it. The mall.  It’s a scary place during the holidays!


Whatever it is, I’ve got you covered with what I’m calling,The Holiday Survival Assortment.

 Makes it sound like chocolate right? Wrong!

It’s crystals! It’s better than chocolate because it’s going to have your back. Not your backside.


These three crystals will pack a punch and have all of your holiday woes banished.

  • You can kiss anxiety goodbye and tell stress to beat it.
  • You can keep your emotions in check and protect yourself from your weird coworker’s negative energy.
  • Kick depression to the curb and say hell no to seasonal colds.
  • Jealous of your kid brother, who gets a new laptop? Got that covered too.


What are these magical gems you ask? They are rose quartz, smoky quartz and lapis lazuli. And here is a list of things to do with them, to make your holidays a happier place. 


  • Keep them in your pocket- I highly recommend this if you’re going to the mall. 


  • In a sitting position, place smoky quartz between your feet and lapis in your right hand and rose quartz in your left hand, sit relaxing for up to 10 minutes for a little refresher.


  • Kick it up a notch and do a healing layout. Laying down in a comfortable and quiet spot, place the smoky quartz in the center of the bottom of your feet, place the lapis on your brow chakra and the rose quartz on your heart chakra for at least 10 minutes but no longer than 20 minutes. 


These three crystals are easy to get and inexpensive to buy, making them a good choice for an early Christmas present.  No wrapping necessary. 


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