Today, I grew a little on the inside. Not in a way I expected and I’m sort of shocked by it. Pleasantly surprised by my own behavior.


See, this morning, I woke up to something amazing. Someone copied my last blog post. Changing enough words that it wasn’t exactly the same, but I was still in there, from beginning to end, down to the last sentence.


At first I was taken aback and pretty pissed off. I felt violated, like I had been robbed of something that was mine. Something I created.


I wasn’t sure how to respond.


I could message this person, but they would laugh it off like they didn’t know. Oh really? That’s funny. Great minds think alike.


I could see it play out as if it really happened.


I could leave a comment on their post, saying nice post. With eyeball emojis. Sending the message: I see you, bitch. Like a silent threat, only the two of us would know.


Or I could do nothing.


I could let it go.


Three choices. Which would it be.


When I wrote this “stolen” post, I didn’t think it was good enough. I didn’t want to post it. But I did. And it struck a cord with people. So much so, that it was copied.


My little blog post.


The one I didn’t think was good enough.


Today, I stepped aside from my anger. Today, I learned I was good enough. My work is valued. My voice is valid.


Today I won.







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