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Energetic Boundaries and Why You Need Them

This morning I got an emergency call. This wasn’t your ordinary emergency call. This was a psychic emergency. The person who called, I will call her Jane, was having some problems with spirits in her home. She had been dealing with this on her own for a little while, but all of a sudden, it had amplified.


She was now seeing these beings in her home. Which of course, freaked her out, as I am sure it would freak out anyone who isn’t used to these types of things. Hell, it would freak me out too. As a clairaudient, I hear things, but I don’t always see them.


Jane is a channel, meaning she channels other beings and brings forth information. From what I can tell, and based on the information Jane provided, she channels an aspect of her higher self that is other dimensional.  By other dimensional, I mean she speaks to another aspect of herself that resides in another dimension. Ok, really deep, but what does that even mean?


It’s almost the same thing as speaking to one of your past lives, but because there is really no such thing as time construct, that past life is happening now, but on some other timeline and dimensional aspect. Ok, still deep, but we don’t really need to go into the whole theoretical construction of time right now. That would blow the whole point of this blog post, which is supposed to be about energy management. Or at least that’s what I was planning.


What is important right now is understanding what is going on with Jane, and how she got here. So, back to Jane.


Jane is relatively new at channeling and has been at it for about a year. She reaches a meditative state and the being enters her energy field and speaks through her. This is a lot of energetic exchange. She is opening her energy and physical body for this other energy to use, as her energy steps aside. Think of it this way, Jane moves to the backseat of the car and lets this other being do the driving.


When you are channeling, you raise your vibration to match or come closer to the vibration of the entity you are channeling. The closer your vibration is to whom you are channeling, the easier it is to have that psychic connection. The stronger that psychic connection is, the easier the telepathic bond becomes.


Jane was good at raising her vibration, but not at setting energetic boundaries and energy management. She didn’t set up any boundaries at all. Without boundaries in place, her energy was all over the place. Think of it this way, if you turn on a floodlight in the dark, every bug around is going to be attracted to it. Same thing with your energy when it isn’t managed. Especially when you are doing psychic work.


Your electromagnetic field is comprised of many different energetic layers. Those energetic layers correspond to the different energy bodies- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These energy bodies need to be in balance with each other for you to maintain a healthy life.


When they are out of balance with each other, screwy things can start to happen (feeling anxious, exhaustion, not feeling rested when you wake up, feelings of overwhelm, etc.) Add in the high vibration that it takes to channel and things can get a little crazy.


By setting good energetic boundaries you are managing your energy. You stop being a 24-hour drive up window for spirits or other psychic phenomena and you stop feeling all the feels of everyone around you. If you are an empath, this is very important.


Grounding, centering and protecting your energy are essential tools for spiritual work. All kinds of spiritual work, but especially for channeling. Once you are in the habit of doing these things, they become second nature. They become part of your spiritual toolbox. And the more tools you have in your toolbox, the better equipped you are for bigger projects. 


Secondly, always remember you are in control. If you are feeling overwhelmed, if you are scared of what you are seeing or feeling, tap your 3rd eye or brow chakra and imagine flipping a light switch. Mentally or out loud say, I am turning off the lights now. If you need to, close the door as well.


Moral of this story? Don’t skip the small stuff. Start with it!


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