What is Clairaudience & How Does it Work?

What is Clairaudience & How Does it Work?

I have heard random voices my whole life. Sometimes these voices sound like my thoughts and sometimes they sound like they come from somewhere else. These voices tells me things about people or about what’s going to happen.


When I first met my husband, the voice told me we would get married. I have also heard this voice tell me to do things, like stay away from certain people because they were a bad influence or because they were dangerous.


I never thought much about it. I never even questioned it because I don’t recall a time in my life that I didn’t hear these voices. I guess I just thought everyone heard them.


As a teen, when I really started to focus on my intuition and psychic abilities, the only thing people talked about was clairvoyance. Clairvoyance was always the psychic ability to have. I have never claimed to be clairvoyant, although I am. It’s just not as prominent for me, as clairaudience is.


The definition of clairaudience is the power or faculty of hearing something not present to the ear but regarded as having objective reality.


In my opinion, this is only half correct. Not all clairaudience is objective. This definition leaves out the most common way clairaudients pick up information- subjectively. 


My definition of clairaudience would be the ability to pick up subtle vibrations or frequencies as vocal sounds that are projected into the mind, or seemingly outside of the mind, yet are not audible with the physical ear.


There are two types of clairaudience- subjective and objective.


Subjective Clairaudience is experienced inside the mind, like your thoughts when you think to yourself. Clairaudience is typically soft and subtle but can also be loud. Sometimes it can be so loud it’s startling. When hearing a voice, it can sound like your own voice in your head and it can also sound like someone else’s voice in your head. It typically sounds like your voice talking with an accent, or with a different speech pattern than you normally do.


Objective Clairaudience sounds like its coming from outside of your mind and being heard with your physical ears.  This happens when the information being picked up, processes through the etheric body, as opposed to mentally picking up impressions.  Technically, this is also subjective because only one person hears it.


Objective clairaudience can happen when you are partially awake, in a semi-sleep state and only partially connected to your body. You may hear people talking, music in the distance, or your name being called. You might also hear these types of things when you are doing a repetitive activity such as washing dishes or driving.


So, clairaudience, regardless of how you are hearing it, is just picking up impressions, like clairvoyance, but in the form of words or other sounds. These could be names, words, phases, sentences, music and other sounds.


A good way to practice your clairaudience is to listen to music in your head. Don’t sing along or say the words as if you were reading to yourself, but just let the music play all the way through the song. Try to make it the whole way through the song without any prompting from yourself. Now, I know that sounds funny because this whole exercise is a prompt from yourself, but I think you know what I mean. Don’t actively think of the melody and the words. Just let it play.


Another way to practice clairaudience is by actively listening to the sounds around you. Like really listen. Listen to the way the wind blows through the trees, the way the birds sound while sitting outside, the sounds coming from your neighbors and possibly the sounds of cars passing by. Listen to the sounds inside your house, maybe of people talking, of your dishwasher or washing machine going in the background. Practice listening to the various sounds within the silence as well. Try to identify as many sounds as you can.


Both of these exercises will condition you into listening closely to what you hear. Like I mentioned before, clairaudience is, most often, soft and subtle. If you want to develop your clairaudience, you need to get in the habit of listening to your surroundings. Paying attention to that subtleness. Because within that subtleness, you might find a message waiting for you to hear it.










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