chalkboard with who, what, when, how, why and where written on it


Imagine it’s your first day of school, you’re all ready, dressed to kill with supplies in hand, excited to start your classes.


You walk in to school.


This school is much larger than you imagined! You start to feel a little intimidated. But you’re cool, you got this.


You grab your bag and dig around for your schedule.


But for some reason, you can’t find it.


Did you lose it... Or did you not get one?


Your heart starts racing and a bead of sweat forms on your brow... you anxiously wipe it off, as fear and confusion set in.


OMG! Where am I supposed to go?!?


What was I supposed to learn?!?


Sounds pretty sucky doesn’t it?  Can you imagine if this really happened to you?


It already has. This school is called LIFE.


Or is it? 


Let's take a good look at this. We consider Divine Source to be a loving energy, right?


Well, what loving energy would send you down here to learn something and not tell you what you’re supposed to be learning?


That sounds like a recipe for failure to me and I don’t think that’s the plan. For a whole planet of people to fail at their unknown missions, walking around like chickens with their heads cut off, going what am I supposed learn?


Really? That makes zero sense. (insert eye roll) And don’t get me wrong here. I know this might not be a popular point of view in these parts, but I’m ok with that.


Just hear me out.


We incarnate for a reason. And that reason is for the experience. To grow in our understanding of ourselves. Through this, we evolve our consciousness.


We want to experience EVERYTHING  we possibly can and, lucky us, through our experience, we learn.


Think about it this way- every experience you have, you could find something about it that has taught you a lesson. But do you choose these experiences because of what you’re learning from them? No.


You choose them because you want the experience of doing them and if you learn something, then great! Added bonus.


So yes, learning is a factor, but it’s not the main reason. Far from it. If you didn’t learn anything, which is near impossible, that would be fine too. 


The reason we come here to experience being a human is because it helps our soul grow and helps us understand ourselves in the most well-rounded way we can.


See, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. We are all Divine Source.


Yep! I’m going to say that again so it really sinks in this time.


We. Are. All. Divine. Source.

All of us.

Each and everyone of us.

We are not separate.


We are not here to learn and report back on what we learned. You know why? Because we are perfect just the way we are. Just as Divine Source is perfect, you are perfect.


So, throw this idea of being in Earth School out the window. It’s old bullshit that keeps you from feeling and living your worth. Stop diminishing your greatness as a human. You are not beneath anyone. You are a badass.


You are Divine Source.


Actually, you are celebrated for your bravery by choosing to be a human. You know why? Because this shit is hard.


You know it.

I know it.

We all know it.


You don’t blindly become a human without knowing what you’re doing. You choose it. You choose it knowing it’s going to be hard.


You choose it because you know, by your seemingly small experience as a human, Divine Source evolves.


Evolves and expands consciousness as a whole. And that's a lot of power. 


Let’s start living our worth.


So go on! Live your greatness.


Just do it.


For the experience. 


















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