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Things Worth Holding On To

It’s my birthday this month. I am going to be 50. The big five-oh. How did that happen? Time seems to go so quick these days. I move through ages, phases and emotions at a rapid speed, processing them through my body and my mind like pints of ice cream.


They never seem to last long enough. The pints, I mean. I can eat those things in a matter of minutes.


First, you’re happy and enjoying yourself and then all of a sudden, you’re sad and sometimes feel bad about yourself. Then you toss those ice cream containers aside and move on with your life.


Pondering the next flavor.


The next emotion. The next phase.


As we age, we always focus on the things that change. How we change and evolve into the person we are or who we want to become. Those things are a given. Everyone changes. We change our minds, our looks, our bodies. Sometimes by choice and sometimes not. But it’s bound to happen.


But what about the things that don’t change? Isn’t there comfort in the expected? Things you know to be true about yourself despite all the changes. When your life seems to be moving at warp speed, those are things worth holding on to.


 They ground you.


They define you.


They remind you that you are you.


In a cozy, warm blanket of comfort or in a dark and gloomy sea of chaos.


I am who I always have been.


A dreamer.

A lover.

An explorer.

A weirdo.

A questioner.

A thinker.

A maverick.


And the list goes on. I’ve been collecting things to define myself my entire life.  Some of them change. Most of them don’t. Age has nothing to do with it.


I am who I always have been.


Who are you?







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