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The Lunar Eclipse And The Super Power of Quartz (part two)

Gather up your quartz points and get ready for the fun stuff. Remember those intentions we thought about that we want to bring into the new year? Those changes we want to make for ourselves? We are going to program our quartz points to hold those intentions for us. 


Quartz has a great capacity for remembering things. If you get caught up in your day to day life, you might not be focused on the vibrations of those intentions. But your programmed quartz is! I have a piece of quartz that was programmed for safe travel and given to me in 1990. It has been on every trip I have taken since. She sits in my room, on a shelf, and as I pack a bag to leave, she says “don’t forget to take me”. If she didn’t remind me, I might have forgotten her a few times. I’ve never had anything bad happen on a trip and I feel she has something to do with that. 


The first thing we need to do is cleanse our quartz. You want your quartz to have a perfectly clean vibration before programming. For now, just make your quartz a saltwater bath, in a cup or bowl, and place them inside. Leave them in there overnight. After the eclipse, we will go more into cleansing when it’s time to cleanse our quartz and remove what we programmed. 


To program your quartz, hold it in both hands for a few minutes and really connect with it. Focus your attention on the quartz and just sit with its energy for a bit. It’s fine if you don’t feel it, just know that you’re connecting. Intention is everything. 


Now you’re going to program it. There are a few ways you can do this. You can switch your quartz into your dominate hand (the one you write with), or hold it in both hands. Either way is fine. Do what makes you comfortable. I like to hold my quartz with both hands together with my quartz in the middle. Like the classic prayer pose. 


Next, say your intention to your quartz. You can think it, but saying it out loud (or a loud whisper) will have a more powerful effect. Words have power and you want the power of your words to be picked up by the vibration of the quartz. 


Continue saying your intention over and over until you feel that your quartz knows exactly what you’re asking. This could take two to three times or possibly more. It really depends on what you feel. When you are done, send gratitude to your quartz. No one likes doing a job without being thanked. Then move on to your next piece. 


That’s all it takes to program quartz. You can also program tumbled quartz or chunks or whatever. It doesn’t have to be points. But for what we are going to do with it, the points are best. We want the directional flow of energy coming through the point. 


Now that you have programmed your quartz points with your intentions for what you are wanting for this year, you are going to enjoy them and their new vibration until the night of the eclipse because we are going to make a crystal elixir. 


I think most of us know, at this point, that water is liquid crystal. Water can take on programs much like quartz can. So, we are going to use our programmed quartz to program our water with our intentions. And the energy of the eclipse to really super charge the changes we are wanting to make for ourselves. 


  1. You will need a glass pitcher, jar or a glass bowl filled with water. At least a few cups worth. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Something to cover your pitcher or bowl, preferably glass, but if you need to use the metal jar lid or plastic wrap, that’s ok too. 


  1. Set your pitcher outside under the full moon and arrange your quartz points with the points facing in towards your water pitcher, jar or bowl. You can also place crystals directly in your water, but for this exercise, we are just doing what’s called the indirect method. 


  1. Leave your water pitcher out over night and let the vibrations of what you created become amplified by the energy of the full moon eclipse. Your water will be ultra powerful in helping you manifest your intentions. 


  1. The next morning, pour your water into a glass jar or a few of them, depending on how much you made. This can be stored in the fridge or on a dark shelf. 


Now, there are a few things you can do with this super duper intention charged water. You could drink it right then, or enjoy a small glass everyday until it’s gone. Or, you could use a dropper, if you have one, or just a spoonful would work, and put it into something you drink daily-something water based. 


The water in your cup will entrain with your intentions from the elixir. Then as you drink, the water in your body will entrain with your intentions. Every cell in your body will be working towards your intentions in a super charged way. It only takes a few drops. It’s best to do this for two weeks on and one week off before starting the next 14 days again. That way, it gives your body time to adjust to the new vibrations so your intentions can really take hold in your life. 


When your elixir gets towards the end, you can easily pour the rest in new water and this will keep your intentions throughout the year. Placing your elixir water mixed with new water out when there’s a new moon will charge it up and make it ready to drink again. 


Next week we will remove our programs from our quartz and cleanse them so they are ready to help us when we need them. Until then, cheers to intentions! 












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