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The Lunar Eclipse And The Super Power of Quartz (part one)

We have all had a few weeks to get used to the new year now, and New Years always seem to come with “new yous”. Like the classic- I’m going to lose a bunch of weight, eat better and look great. So essentially, breaking the cycle of your laziness or excessive holiday eating by creating a new you. Or a better you than you were last year. 


The Lunar eclipse is less than two weeks away. Lunar eclipse energy is about ending cycles. Getting rid of those energies that no longer serve you. Because it’s a feminine energy, being that it’s the moon, you want to look at these endings from an emotional (and internal) stand point. What can I change about myself to be a better me moving forward? With the eclipse coming three weeks into the new year, It seems like the Universe was saying- Hey dude, chill out on the change, ease into this year, really think about what you want for yourself moving forward and we will catch up in a few weeks. Well, that time is here. 


Moving forward in 2019, what do you need bring into your life to become your best self? Or if it’s easier to look at what you want to change about yourself, start there and turn that negative trait into a positive one.  Using the examples above, if you’ve been lazy, maybe you want to bring more motivation and mindfulness into your life. Or if you’ve been eating a bunch of junk over the holidays, you might want to focus on clean food, which would be nourishment and love for your body. 


So, this week, think about what you want to bring into your life in this new year. Really focus on what you can let go of and what you want to bring in. Just a few things. No more than 3 or 4 things. Locate a few quartz points that you can use. One for each thing you want to create for yourself. If you don’t have any quartz, this week will be a good time to round some up. And next week we will program them with our intentions and use the eclipse energy to help us be our best selves moving forward. 






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