The D-Theory aka How Time Works

The D-Theory aka How Time Works

I have been having a problem with time management lately. Or lack of time management. I just haven’t been able to grasp it. Or at least that’s how I have been experiencing time. Like the great musical prophet, Steve Miller, once sang, time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’, in to the future.


But does it really go into the future, if it slips away from you? Could it also slip into the past? Or is it just a series of moments in the now?


I guess it would depend on how you look at time and what your perspective is on how time works, as well as, where you are in space.


Because time cannot exist without space.


Without space, the area that your physical body resides, where would you be?

Hmm, deep thoughts, right?

But I know you wouldn’t be experiencing time the way you’re experiencing it right now.


For some reason, I frequently get asked about the concept of time. Perhaps it’s because I have experienced time from a different perspective when I had my NDE. If you haven’t heard my story, and you’re interested, you can listen to it hereon the Shift Your Spirits Podcast with Slade Roberson.


To me, time is just a moment in consciousness where you experience something.


From what I understand, and what I experienced in my NDE, time is relative to where you are. During my NDE, it seemed that I was there, wherever “there” was, for quite some time, although I had only left my body for a few minutes, give or take a few. I certainly didn’t experience time the way I experience it when I am in my body.


So, from this one experience, I realized that time is not linear.


Since we are all together in this particular timeline, we experience time very much the same. Time slips past us, and then, we experience the moment that was previously our future.  And on it goes, over and over.


A series of moments becoming our present. All the while, we remember the moment we previously lived, as if it were our past. In physics, this is called the A-theory. We experience time in a forward moving fashion, so it must be how time works, right? Only moving in one direction. Forward, towards the future.


What if time doesn’t have a direction and it just is? What if it’s just a process of events, happening and unfolding, as opposed to becoming?


You’re reading this right now and experiencing this sentence in the present, but that doesn’t mean that the first paragraph is gone with your past. It still exists. This blog post is unfolding before your eyes and when it’s over, reading it will be your past. But next week, next month or next year someone could find it and read it, and it would be happening in their present.


So, this post exists concurrently in the past, present and the future. It has no direction. It just is.

Because like Einstein said, the distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

This, my friends, is known as the B-theory.


When looking at time, is that all there is? The A-theory and the B- theory? Oh no! There is the elusive C-theory as well. If time is an illusion and has no direction, it should exist in all directions, both forward and backward simultaneously.


If you are reading this in your present, yet I wrote it in my past, and the person who reads it next week will be in our future, yet in my present, I’m not quite finished writing it, so currently, it still doesn’t exist in your present, making it your future. What direction is time going in?

Wait….do you even understand that?

Do I?


Perhaps it’s like a wheel on a car that is moving so fast it appears to be moving backward. What if we are moving backward in time, yet we experience it moving forward?


If the universe is expanding, shouldn’t it be contracting as well? So, the C-theory expands on the B-theory or does it contract?

I’m not quite sure.

I just know that during my NDE, I experienced my past and my future, as if it was my present, and there was no real way to tell which was which, until I was back in my body for perspective.


This was such a huge topic to tackle, I wanted to make sure I knew what I was talking about. So, I decided to ask my guides. They never let me down when I need an answer. They have all the information that is not within my grasp as I live in this body.  This is what they had to say. I will call this, the D-theory. D for divine.


Time is only a measurement by which you experience something. In this 3rd dimensional existence, in the world that you are currently experiencing, time allows you to gauge your life as a whole. It can be looked at from a broad perspective, as opposed to happening all at once. This allows the memory banks within the brain to process on a timeline. Experiences are singular moments that happen and then are gone, but for the soul’s gain and insight into living a human life, the memory of the act in question, needs to be stored. You can flip through the memory bank like a file folder, choosing moments that have been stored. That is the only way your past can be experienced-through recall. You can never get the moment back, because it no longer exist. It only exists within the cellular structure of the mind, within your energy. Time is fluid and moves as a whole. You choose where you are in every moment. It is all existing simultaneously. All lifetimes. You can exist within any structure of time you choose. For your 3rd dimensional reality, the time structure happens at a point and moves forward, but can go either way.


Looking at this, it seems to me that all theories are partially correct, and as a whole, they make up the D-theory.

Time moves in all directions, although we experience it in a forward movement.

Time is an illusion and doesn’t exist, yet from a different perspective, we could view it as a whole.

From our perspective in space, things happen and then are gone, yet are stored in the corners of our mind to help us gain insight to being a human, and therefore, exist throughout time-space for all eternity.

Because energy never dies.


So, it seems that I don’t have to manage time at all. It does pretty good all on its own. Time knows how to behave without me interfering. I guess I just need to let it unfold, become, happen and be the illusion that it is. Now that that’s settled, I’m going to put this blog post in my past, in your present, and in someone else’s future.







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