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  • My Spontaneous Past Life Recall

    For a large portion of my life, I’ve had this compulsion to store food. I’m not even sure when it started, but I felt like I needed to have a full pantry and refrigerator just in case. But just in case of what? That was the question.


    Was it because I grew up on an island where everything had to be shipped in? Was I concerned that all the ships in the world would suddenly stop shipping food? I highly doubted that would happen, but I had no idea why I felt this way. No one in my family felt this way, so it wasn’t learned behavior. I just brushed it off as being a weird quirk.


    Until the day I had a spontaneous “past life” recall.

  • My Episode on Medical Girl Mystical World, on The Lighter Side Network

    This past spring I was on the internet show, Medical Girl Mystical World with  Dr. Julia Spinolo, on The Lighter Side Network, taking about my near death experience. It was a great experience and I loved every minute of it. 
  • Shift Your Spirits Podcast~Near Death Experience with Miki Brittenham

    At the beginning of March, I had the pleasure of being on the Shift Your Spirits Podcast, with Slade Roberson, talking about my near death experien...
  • 15 Characteristics of Near Death Experience

    I recently listened to a webinar about near death experience (NDE) with Dr. Melvin Morse. Dr. Morse has done extensive research on NDEs and works c...
  • An Escort To The Light

    So, there’s this weird thing about me. I know when people are going to die. I have predicted almost every death around me since I was a kid. I say ...