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  • Conversations With America's Spirit Guide

    I think our country is having a healing crisis. We have started a detoxification process that could last a while. Eliminating the toxins that have lodged themselves into our society. Cleansing the infected bacteria out of our bloodstream so we can be purified and renewed. It’s the rebirth we have been waiting for.   

    Sorry to break it to you, but we aren’t going back to the way it was. Right now, we need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is our new normal. This tumultuous ride isn’t going to stop. You need to understand that change is happening whether you like it or not. And this is just the beginning.

  • My Spontaneous Past Life Recall

    For a large portion of my life, I’ve had this compulsion to store food. I’m not even sure when it started, but I felt like I needed to have a full pantry and refrigerator just in case. But just in case of what? That was the question.


    Was it because I grew up on an island where everything had to be shipped in? Was I concerned that all the ships in the world would suddenly stop shipping food? I highly doubted that would happen, but I had no idea why I felt this way. No one in my family felt this way, so it wasn’t learned behavior. I just brushed it off as being a weird quirk.


    Until the day I had a spontaneous “past life” recall.

  • A Ritual for Connecting to Spirit

    There are many different types of rituals. They can be as small as saying a gratitude prayer in your mind before eating, to celebrating a rite of p...
  • Energetic Boundaries and Why You Need Them

    This morning I got an emergency call. This wasn’t your ordinary emergency call. This was a psychic emergency. The person who called, I will call her Jane, was having some problems with spirits in her home. She had been dealing with this on her own for a little while, but all of a sudden, it had amplified.
  • Crystals: To Cleanse Or Not To Cleanse

    To cleanse or not to cleanse. That is the question. There are many different ways to cleanse your crystals. It really comes down to personal prefer...