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Synchronicity and the Dream of Digging Rocks

Do you ever wonder about synchronicity and how it happens? Do the stars align to bring you your dreams? And if they do, does that mean you’re on your true path? I tend to think so.


Synchronicity is defined as meaningful coincidence, or a series of meaningful coincidences that seem related but can't be explained by conventional mechanisms of causality. If it wasn’t meaningful in some way, would they have occurred?


I doubt it.


When you look at synchronicity and how it shows up in your life, it’s important to examine the context of the synchronicities. What do they mean for you? Everyone has their own experiences and their own answers, but for me, it seems that when I follow these synchronicities, they continue to happen.


My husband and I have this dream of digging rocks and crystals, spending half of our time out on the road, hiking and digging, and the other half working with our finds in some way, whether that’s shaping stones on our lapidary equipment, making jewelry or selling at shows.


Sounds like the perfect life, right? I daydream about how I can do this, as well as continue doing my psychic work, on the road. Right now, it seems like a far-off dream. I used to wonder if it would ever be a reality, but now I know it will be.


We have been looking for a new truck to pull our trailer. Something that had more power and could tow more. Sometimes we have a lot of rocks. Sometimes we don’t, but it’s always good to have the option, because let’s face it, I always want more rocks.


We have been looking for a few weeks, but nothing has worked out. My husband, on the other hand, has been dreaming of a new truck and playing with all those online builders, where you build the truck of your dreams. It became his time waster when he was wanting to relax. He said the Universe will bring us the right truck, and left it at that.


About a week ago, he found a truck that fit our criteria and our budget, so we made an appointment to go see it the next day. My husband said he had a feeling about this particular truck, which he didn’t about the others.  He’s a pretty intuitive guy, so I was looking forward to seeing what was going to happen.


We got to the dealer for our appointment and met up with the sales guy. He seemed like a nice guy, I didn’t get that creepy sales vibe that you get from so many car salesmen. He was laid back and mellow and I felt comfortable with him.


Right away, he asked what we wanted the truck for. It’s a Ram 3500, which is a really a big truck. I don’t buy trucks very often, but I’m guessing that people usually don’t buy this type of truck unless they need it for something. But then again, I live in Texas, and people in Texas like big trucks, so I could be totally wrong here.


We tell him we want the truck to pull our trailer on long trips, like to Oregon and stuff, not elaborating on the crystal part of it.  He told us he just got back from a vacation in Oregon, went all over, and stayed on the Oregon Coast.


In the same small town we lived in for 9 years!


Ok, how crazy is that? We talked about Oregon for a while, and about how beautiful it is there.


We decided to take the truck on a test drive. While talking to the sales guy, we say we dig rocks. Crystals? He asks. Yep. Then he asks what we do with them.


We do a lot of things with crystals. We collect them, use them for healing, for making jewelry and to sell.


But the easiest answer is, to sell them, so that's what we say. He then asks if we are into the metaphysical thing. My husband says, yes, that’s what she does for work. 


Now, this conversation could go a few different ways from this point. But I won’t lie, I was surprised at the way it did go.


The sales guy pulled out his necklace, which had 3 different crystal pendants on it. We started talking about the healing properties of the crystals on his necklace as well some other crystals. He then tells me he sleeps with amethyst under his pillow and that he has a lot of vivid dreams. 


We get back to the dealer, having decided that this is “the truck”, and go sit down at his desk to start working on the paperwork. In the middle of the car buying application questions, the sales guy says he does a lot of astral travel, so we start talking about astral planes and dimensional intersections. 


A strange conversation to have in a car dealer and I’m thinking this is the best car buying experience I’ve ever had. I love talking about these things.


We finish our paperwork, turn it in, and while we are waiting for the finance people to process our application, the sales guy says he is so excited to talk to someone who is interested in these things because everyone else looks at him like he’s crazy.


Yep, the feeling is mutual, dude.


He says he’s an empath, and that he used to have problems with it, but has learned to not pick up other people’s feelings.


At this point, I’m loving this dude and all the things we have in common. 


We continue chatting about a few other metaphysical topics because, why not?


Then, he asks if I see repeating numbers.


Heck yes, I do! Hello, 11:11!


We start talking about the patterns, the cycles of seeing certain numbers, and how they go through phases. He tells us, (now this is some good info here, and a really cool idea that I personally have never thought of), that he takes pictures of the repeating numbers he sees, to track the synchronicities in his life.


He said he’s realized that when the repeating number sequences are plentiful, his day, or week, will be very synchronistic. 


This is a golden gem right here!


I have so many strange synchronistic things happen to me, but I never thought about matching them up with repeating numbers. I am going to try this. Maybe you should too.


We leave the sales guy, go to the finance guy, and start talking numbers. I am already thinking this was a strange experience, but it’s obvious that the Universe hand-picked this truck for us, because the finance guy says the exact amount we had allotted for our monthly payment.  We sign the papers and leave, the proud owners of a new truck.


Synchronicities. Gotta love’em. What’s this mean for future me? That the stars are aligning. I can hear the rocks calling me already.





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