Soul Mates & Twin Flames~ An Unpopular Opinion

Soul Mates & Twin Flames~ An Unpopular Opinion

Once upon a time, in a land about 15 minutes away from your house, you wander through the market, quietly humming the tune being played through the speaker system. You reach out to grab a tomato and your hand collides with another hand. You slowly gaze up to see who is trying to grab your tomato, and see the most amazing eyes looking back at you.


You pause for second, in sheer amazement, as you take a breath in, thinking, could it be? You know these eyes. You have spent many lifetimes with the soul behind them. You have been waiting for this moment for all your life. The moment you meet your soul mate. Or possibly your *gasp* twin flame.

Oh, the romance…


But guess who’s here to burst your heart-shaped romantic bubble?

Yep! You guessed it. Me.

You know why? Because this line of thinking is bullshit. It’s more than bullshit, it’s unhelpful. I am really tired of people feeding other people crap that doesn’t serve them. Crap that holds them back or possibly makes them feel like they don’t deserve something that other people get to have or find. Like a soul mate, or a twin flame.


Ok, first off, I will say that soul mates do exist, but it rarely has anything to do with the crazy romantic notion that some would lead you to believe. As a matter of fact, the romance probability with a soul mate is somewhere around 30%.

Pretty shitty odds, if you ask me.


A soul mate is really just the person you have had the most lives with. It’s a soul your soul works well with. That’s it. You have spent so many lives together, there is a comfortability between you.


Sometimes you don’t incarnate together. But that doesn’t mean you are without them. That just means they’re sitting one out and helping you from the other side. Sometimes you need to experience new souls. You can’t just role play with the same souls over and over, alternating roles and changing your name. It doesn’t work that way. It’s good to experience new things, stepping out on your own to gain new insights.


In these lives where you incarnate alone, you may end up feeling like you have a longing for someone that you can’t explain. A loneliness about you, especially if it’s not something you’ve experienced often. But this doesn’t mean that you should spend your whole life searching for the one soul mate that is your destiny.


And while we are on the subject of destiny, I’m about to drop a bomb here.

Twin flames are a made-up idea.

They simply don’t exist.

Sorry to break it to you, but I just cannot with these ridiculous theories that people throw around.


It is said that a twin flame is one soul that has split into two bodies after the original soul has ascended to a higher frequency. The magic happens when these two souls meet and are the perfect fit, two sides creating a whole.


It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

Fantasizing about your twin flame.

But this concept isn’t really how it works. I sometimes think people end up with partially correct ideas and then humanize them because the actual truth sounds too bizarre. Or maybe there was static on the line and they didn't quite hear how it really is, so they just made up the rest.


Your soul can split into multiple bodies. That’s what past lives are, which aren’t really in the past, because there is no such thing as time. (If you are confused about either of these topics, read my post about time, here, and the one on past lives, here.)


The more your soul experiences living lives, the better it gets at navigating the human experience. This doesn’t mean that the quality of the lives being lived are better, a lot of times they’re not. Reason being, advanced souls don’t always choose easy street. But the soul is better equipped to understand being a human and how this whole deal works.


When a soul gets to that point, it can decide to live multiple incarnations in the same timeline. The soul decides that it doesn’t really need that much of itself in this one body over here, and splits itself into, usually, multiple other lives.

Because why not experience itself to the fullest?


This doesn’t mean that these parts are not whole unto themselves. And it doesn’t mean that if these fragments of the same soul met up, they would fall madly in love with itself.

What would a soul be experiencing if it did that?

Not much.


Your soul would be defeating the whole purpose of experiencing itself as a human interacting with other souls. The soul has safeguards against meeting its other lives and actually prevents this from happening.

Why, you ask?

Because there is no benefit to it. And the soul only does things that will benefit its growth.

Could it happen?

Possibly, but I would highly doubt it would.


So, don’t waste your time looking for your soul mate. Just know that your soul has got it covered and chances are, your soul mate, the soul you’ve spent numerous lives with, is already in your life in some way. Either incarnated or not. 

And your twin flame?

Let that shit go and just spend your time living. That’s what your soul would want you to do.

Well, there you have it. My unpopular opinion.




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