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Past Lives Aren't In The Past

There is always a lot of talk about past lives. But what if past lives aren't in the past? What if past lives were actually just other lives being lived by your soul right now, in the same moment you are living this one?


Recently I did a reading for a client who had questions regarding past lives and the information that came through totally supports this idea.  I was speaking to my client’s angelic team, who go by the name of The Fervers. I have spoken to them several times now and feel like the information they gave me was for everyone, not just my client.  This is what they had to say about past lives.


You have lived many lifetimes simultaneous to this one- the past, present and the future-, all lay parallel to you, in this life, as well as separately. These “past” lives affect your choices and influence you into making new choices. Many of the themes from these lives also affect you in this life.


From what I understand, our soul is so huge that it can easily fragment itself into many different lives. It seems that the goals or themes a soul strives to focus on in this life, are the same goals or themes the soul has or is focusing on in these other lives as well.


This helps the soul completely experience these goals or themes from every angle possible, giving the soul the broadest perspective in the most efficient manner. At least this is how I understood the conversation I had with The Fervers.  


Just imagine if you were going to visit a foreign country and you wanted to learn every single thing you could about it.  If you could split yourself up and have 10, 20 or maybe even a hundred of you, exploring different aspects of the country, you would indeed get the roundest, most whole experience and gain the most knowledge. I asked The Fervers why we needed to learn lessons such as forgiveness and love so thoroughly, in such a well-rounded way and this was their response:


These are not lessons in the true sense; your soul is a complex Divine being from the moment it is created. Perfect in every way. The “lessons” are just a focus for your soul to explore these themes, to move to higher levels of understanding. When you do this, your whole soul group benefits.  Exploring these themes are the aspects that elevate your soul to higher levels of understanding. These are the goals of a human.


So, what if your past lives are just other lives being lived by your soul right now?  The level of understanding you are gaining relating to your specific themes and goals will be all-encompassing. You are elevating your soul and soul group to a higher level of understanding that is beyond your current imagination. These are your goals as a human- a complex Divine being, that is perfect in every way.






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