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My Good Old Friend and It's Not Motivation

I have been putting everything off. And I mean everything! Well, maybe not everything, but it sure feels like it somedays. I make a list of the things I need to get done and somehow, it becomes the list of what can I do tomorrow.


Motivation has left me and my good old friend, Procrastination, is back.


And he looks so chill.


My mind keeps coming up with a bunch of new ideas until something super shiny gets my attention. Hey! What about this one? Or maybe this one? Bet this would be cool. You should do this! Remember that thing you wanted to do? You should do it!  It’s all very exhausting.


Procrastination is kicking back, looking all comfy on my couch. Is he really my friend? Should I hang out?


I’m trying to remember what we did the last time he showed up. 


Sometimes I think I might have more energy if my mind calmed down. But right now, I’m way to restless for meditation. I have ideas remember!


When I’m restless, I walk laps around my pool, releasing excessive thoughts and throwing them into the water.  Sometimes I do this multiple times a day. Not exactly meditation, but it helps me work things out to an extent. Gives me that space to chat with myself. That same old self-lecture. You know the one. It always plays when you start hanging out with Procrastination.


Don’t hang out with him. He’s not cool. He always wants you to wait. He never wants to tackle things head on. He’s so lazy! Nah, let’s chill, he says, we don’t have to do it today. Not like it’s going anywhere. *sigh* Why are you listening to him! Again!


The frustration sets in and you start thinking, ok I really need to get this shit done. I’m listening now.


Is that Motivation knocking?


These laps have really helped to put things into perspective.


And there’s a lot that needs perspective. New ways of looking at things. New ways of dealing with old problems, new ways of accomplishing goals, new ideas that have just started to blossom.




Perfect for the Spring.


So many new ideas, new thoughts and perspectives. So many things to think about. Kind of makes me want to spring into action. I know! I will put them on my list.


And think about them tomorrow.

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