Monthly Tarot Forecast for September 2021

Monthly Tarot Forecast for September 2021

Welcome to September!

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Ahh... September. I'm wondering how much longer before the pumpkin spice makes a comes back and how many weeks we have before Christmas decorations hit the shelves.

These are real concerns as we enter September- the faux fall month that still acts like summer, yet it's not. Well, part of it, technically speaking.


It's a month of two seasons, I suppose. I look forward to it each year. And this year is no different.


September is holding firm to that Death card from August, signifying that change needs to happen.


I feel like the Universe threw the Death card out there last month, saying, "It's time to move on." And this month, the Universe is saying, "Come on, people, get your shit together," like no one was paying attention last month.


This month I am using the White Numen, A Sacred Animal Tarot by Alba Ballesta González. This deck is so attractive. The art is beautifully done and has a dream-like quality to it. The characters within are so cute.


Ancient rituals inspired this deck, along with stories of sacred animal spirits called the White Numen, which you can see spread throughout this contemporary reimagining of the Tarot.


I will be doing the 4- card spread I typically use. I like this layout because it has everything you need for a quick look at the energy for the current month, along with where you can course correct to improve things and what you can look forward to.


I have provided some information about the cards if you aren't that familiar with the Tarot. That way, if you don't like my interpretation, you can make your own.


✨✨✨Let's dive in!✨✨✨


The Death Card from the White Numen A Sacred Animal Tarot
Death-- Change, end of a cycle, letting go of the past, letting go of things that are holding you back, letting go of things that are keeping you out of alignment, transition, letting go of the old to let in the new, rebirth, cutting cords, being open to new things



The Eight of Wands reversed, White Numen A Sacred Animal Tarot
Eight of Wands Reversed-- Lack of closure, unease, jealousy towards others, time to get started with your ideas and projects, too many things going on at once and nothing is getting done, delays, nothing is working out


The Hierophant Card from White Numen A Sacred Animal Tarot
The Hierophant-- Symbolizing the family, community and institutions, the teacher, a group or organization bigger than yourself, religion, faith-- commit to what you believe in, more profound commitment to your faith or community, higher education, being assistance to other or seeking help, traditional values and morals, finding your place in society


The Seven of Pentacles Card from White Numen A Sacred Animal Tarot
Seven of Pentacles--Rest after hard work, realizing there is more to do, taking a step back and allowing nature to take its course, figuring out what to do next, seeing the rewards after your hard work, feeling unsatisfied with how things are turning out, overly high expectations, learning through the process, long-term planning


Okay, look, I told you this last month. It's time to let all this crap go. What you're holding on to isn't working. It would be best if you embraced your transformation, not fight it. Focus on what needs to move and release it. Really take a look at your life. Is it worth your pain and suffering to hold on to it?


I get that it can be scary to make changes when you don't know the outcome. But think about it this way, what if you did one thing differently and that one thing changed the whole trajectory of your life in the best way possible?


You don't have to do all the things. Pick one- one goal, one area of your life, then take a step towards it. Whatever it is. Be methodical about it. You don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.


Then move on to the next thing.


Take your time; Rome wasn't built in a day, after all.


You get what I'm saying, right? Slow your roll because trouble always brings his brother.


Please say yes because idioms are killing me.


There will be some breakdowns in communication this month, especially in relationships. Choose your words very carefully and say what you mean. Holding back or keeping things to yourself can hurt you in the long run. You don't want that.


If a relationship isn't working out, maybe it's best to move on. Not all relationships last, and usually for a good reason.


The Universe has been full speed ahead, and sometimes it's good to reach out and find that place where you belong, where you feel like you fit. Maybe it's the perfect time to embrace your faith, whatever that might look like. You may be feeling like you need something more significant in your life- more direction, more assistance, more community.


As you move forward this month, focus your energy on your growth and the continuation of stepping into your power. Take the time to enjoy your process as you rise from the ashes. A little self-care can go a long way. You deserve the break, honestly. It's brutal out there.


Until next month, have a great September❤️


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