Monthly Tarot Forecast for October 2021

Monthly Tarot Forecast for October 2021

Welcome to October

4 tarot cards held in a fan

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October is my favorite month. I like everything about it. I used to wish I was born in October. Well, on Halloween, really, but I would have taken any day prior. October just feels good to me. The weather is nice, and it feels festive without being pretentious. Plus, it gets cold enough to wear a jacket, and I like jackets.


I used to wear a pink hoodie in middle school with my name airbrushed on it. Almost every day. Even when it was hot. But I'm much more practical these days. Now I wait until October. Unless I'm going out after dark. Then I need a jacket, just in case. You never know what might be lurking around the corner.


Kind of reminds me of this month's reading.

This month I am using the Tarot of The Divine created by Yoshi Yoshitani. The Tarot of The Divine was created as a tribute to the stories, myths, folklore, and fairy tales told throughout history and through various cultures. This tarot deck shows diversity between cultures and how similar we truly are, regardless of where we come from.

This deck is SO CUTE! All the characters on the cards are beautiful and inviting, with cute little outfits, making me so interested in the stories behind each one. By learning these myths and stories, the themes within the Tarot seem to come to life.


So, if you're looking for a new tarot deck, especially one to help you learn, this might be the one. 

I will be doing the 4- card spread I typically use. I like this layout because it has everything you need for a quick look at the energy for the current month, along with where you can course correct to improve things and what you can look forward to.


I have provided some information about the cards in case you aren't that familiar with the Tarot. That way, if you don't like my interpretation, you can make your own. So, let jump into it, shall we?


nine of coins from Tarot of The Divine

Nine of Pentacles- discipline, commitment, long-term effort, being self-reliant, working hard, focusing on your plan, making intelligent choices with finances, being self-sufficient, enjoying what you have earned, financial independence, gratitude, being responsible for your own needs, knowing your value

Represented by Prince Mai An Tiem from The Legend of the Watermelon or The Watermelon Prince from Vietnam.


Ace of Swords from Tarot of The Divine

Ace of Swords—getting to the truth, looking ahead, using your head, being logical, mental clarity, being analytical, taking charge of a situation, studying something new, taking action, start taking responsibility, focusing on new plans, new ideas, insight

Represented by The Gordian Knot from the Turkish legend of Phrygian Gordium.


Two of Cups from Tarot of The Divine

Two of Cups----A balanced and healthy relationship, embracing different aspects of yourself, celebrating relationships, friendships, accepting love, loving others, following your heart, following your intuition, partnership, commitment, emotional connections, having compassion for yourself and others, trusting yourself

Represented by Enkidu and Gilgamesh, a Sumerian Myth from Iraq.


King of Wands from Tarot of The Divine

King of Wands- good communication skills, having perspective, being passionate about a situation, expressive, strong intuitive abilities, being a leader, stepping up to the plate, having power, confidence, creative energy, telling the truth even when you don't want to, having sound financial habits, knowing how to get what you want, having control over your energy

Represented by The Phoenix from East Asian Mythology, which has been incorporated into many other cultures.

The October Reading

This month, the energy might feel a little shady. Like it's hiding something from you and keeping you in the dark. It's essential to stay focused on the now and not let your mind wander into the depths of the dark tunnel known as escapism.


You know how tunnels can get, don't you? Narrow and dark, with a misty fog masking the way out. It's easy to get lost in imaginary scenarios of futuristic outcomes that totally screw with your mind.

All this does is take your focus off what really matters. And that's you being happy and flourishing in the abundance of your own making.

Remaining in the now will help you stay on track when it feels so easy to veer off into the unknown, obsessing with things that don't really matter. This is an exercise in discipline. Be committed to yourself and the plans you've been working on.


You know where your head's at- keep it there. And don't mess with it. If you need some guidance, check in with your heart. Your heart knows what's up.

You might feel that things are speeding up around you as you flow through your life this month, so mind your Ps and Qs, or mistakes can happen. It's much better to do things once instead of having to repeat them over and over. Take your time and trust yourself.

Your intuition will be at an all-time high this month if you are paying attention. It goes back to that living in the now thing I mentioned earlier. Allow your passion and enthusiasm to draw you forward and take you where you need to go.


This is how synchronicities happen. And we all love that flow of divine timing. You never know what might be lurking around the corner. So don't forget your jacket. 


If you would like to purchase the Tarot of The Divine, or the accompanying book, Beneath the Moon: Fairy Tales, Myths and Divine Stories from Around the World, you can find them on Amazon.

As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a percentage of qualifying purchases.

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