Monthly Tarot Forecast for June 2021

Monthly Tarot Forecast for June 2021

Welcome to June! 

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It’s almost summer. Can you believe it? May went so quickly. That’s alright because I’ve got plans. Big plans. Well, I don’t exactly know if they are big, but I feel like their energy is propelling me forward. I have also been experiencing lots of strange synchronicities, which is always exciting. It makes me feel like I am going in the right direction.


So, needless to say, I am really looking forward to this month. Hopefully you are too. And I think June's tarot reading will give you that same feeling, so here we go.


This month I am using The Cosmic Slumber Tarot Deck by Tillie Walden. This deck is so cool! It’s super colorful and has a very comic book vibe to it, which makes sense considering Tillie Walden is an award-winning graphic novelist.


The hand-painted images are dreamy and magical, and sort of remind me of Manga. This deck could easily become one of my favorites. And the best part? It’s being made into a coloring book, which I pre-ordered. So, I will definitely be looking forward to that.


I will be doing the 4- card spread I typically use. I like this 4- card layout because it has everything you need for a quick look at the energy of the month, what to keep and where you can course correct to improve things. I have provided some information about the cards for you, in case you aren’t that familiar with the tarot. That way, if you don’t like my interpretation, you can make your own.


Card 1- Energy overview of the month

the lovers card cosmic slumber tarot deck

The Lovers- healthy relationships, long term relationships, a deep understanding of relationships, freedom, balance, embrace and love all sides of yourself, love with an open heart, love freely, releasing fear, healthy decisions, relationships coming together (any relationships, not just romantic relationships), sharing values and ideals, harmony, prosperity, thriving, making commitments


Card 2- Something to release and let go of

the emperor card cosmic slumber tarot deck

The Emperor- authority, leadership, power, responsibility, solid foundations, protections, practical and steady advice, doing the hard work, being disciplined, guidance from a father figure, being a father figure, being strategic, doing the work and following through, knowing what you want and going after it, following rules, intelligence, logic


Card 3- Something to reevaluate and contemplate

the five of torches/wands card cosmic slumber tarot deck

Five of Torches/Wands- working out ideas, debate, competition, challenging yourself, not backing down, confronting challenges head on, defending yourself, conflict, commitment, fully jumping in, being disciplined, rivalry, group activities, being focused on goals, creative energy, butting heads, differences with others, conflict within yourself


Card 4- Something to look forward to and embrace

the magician card cosmic slumber tarot deck

The Magus/Magician- having everything you need, having all the resources, being in control of yourself, manifestation, following through on ideas, excellent communication skills, center of attention, moving forwards, using everything available to you, trusting in your abilities, being confident, using your talents, being in creative flowing energy


Ok! Let jump into June.


The Covid numbers have been steadily going down and the number of people being vaccinated are going up, leaving June wide open for coming together with loved ones. Hugging is back on the table and things are continuously opening up for us to enjoy. Sounds like glorious times ahead.


With summer quickly approaching, it’s a good time to get out into the sun and enjoy spending time with partners, friends and family, embracing each other and truly appreciating each other’s company. It will also be a great time to meet new people and make new connections, romantic or otherwise.


That freedom you have been craving is returning and you can let go of those deep fears you’ve held on to from the past year. It’s a time for celebration. Not just in the form of parties, but celebrating our freedoms, all that we have gone through, and all we have accomplished along the way.


In many places, masks are coming off and smiles are coming out. Restrictions are being lifted and life is slowly returning to normal. After following so many rules and regulations, it’s about time to let some of that go. You’ve been doing exactly what you were supposed to and now you can relax. It’s okay to take a deep breath and let your guard down a little. It might feel weird at first, you will be more exposed than you have been in a while, but once you get a taste of that freedom, you will feel as comfortable as you always did.


With so many differing opinions over the past few years, there have been many who have butted heads, and some relationships have ended because of it. With so many people getting out again, there are bound to be more conflicts and debates in the near future.


Just keep in mind that people aren’t always going to see eye to eye with you and that’s ok. Sharing your point of view is one thing, enforcing it is another. Don’t let yourself fall into that trap of having to be right. When you find yourself in these situations, take a step back. It’s fun to discuss ideas and thoughts, just don’t let differences get ahead of you. After being so removed from some social situations, sometimes we can forget this.


Also, watch your patience levels and don’t let yourself get upset over the annoyance of too many people, long lines, and restaurant waits. They haven’t been able to do anything either and they are equally as excited to be out as you are. So, when your 6:30 dinner plan doesn’t happen until 7:30, just remember that last year this time, you were eating at home. Be grateful that you and those around you, are able to be out enjoying yourselves. Even if it does take a little longer.


As we move through this month, with more social interaction, your creative juices will be flowing, leading you to new ideas and new situations. Your manifesting abilities will be on point and you will want to be ready for what’s coming next. You have so much to look forward to as you move through June. Trust in yourself to make the right decisions to lead you in your desired direction. You have everything you need available to you. So, put that smile on and go enjoy it.


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Until we meet again, have a great month❤️


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