Monthly Tarot Forecast for July 2021

Monthly Tarot Forecast for July 2021

Happy July!

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We are in the full swing of summer as we move into this month filled with BBQs and fireworks. There is much to celebrate this summer, with the biggest celebration being getting out and about and back into the swing of life outside our homes.


This month I thought we could use a little fun in our tarot spread for July. For some reason, I have had lots of cats in my yard this week- crossing my yard, hanging out in my yard, and fighting in my yard.


This isn’t normal at all and has never happened in all the years I have lived in my house, which is pretty long. As a matter of fact, cats are hissing outside my window as I type this. I’m taking that as a sign that I chose the right deck for the month, The Cat Tarot.


The Cat Tarot is a whimsical take on the classic Rider-Waite-Smith tarot filled with cute kitties doing kitty stuff- playing with toys, eating treats, getting into stuff they shouldn’t, and laying around like they own the place. What I liked best about this deck is that these cats aren’t dressed as people. They are just being cats, which I found very refreshing.  


This deck was illustrated by Megan Lynn Kott, who perfectly captures the playfulness and mysteriousness of cats. I think any cat lover would greatly enjoy this cute and hilarious deck.


I will be doing the 4- card spread I typically use. I like this 4- card layout because it has everything you need for a quick look at the energy of the month, what to keep and where you can course correct to improve things. I have provided some information about the cards for you, in case you aren’t that familiar with the tarot. That way, if you don’t like my interpretation, you can make your own.


Let’s take a look at the month of July.


 Card 1

The energy of the month

The Judgement Tarot Card, Cat Tarot

Judgement-awakening to your purpose, seeing the big picture, understanding that you have changed, feeling a great sense of power and motivation, speaking up and speaking out, knowing what is right for you, releasing things that don’t serve you anymore, a new beginning, a wake-up call, time for contemplation, evaluating your current life and figuring out what you want to keep and get rid of as you move forward, rising out of the ashes


 Card 2

Something to release and let go of

Seven of Wands Tarot Card, Cat Tarot

Seven of Wands- bravery, putting in effort, standing up for what you believe in, taking action, defending things that are important to you, self-defense/ being defensive, power and control, not being a victim, not letting others in, forceful and unwilling to compromise


 Card 3 

Something to reevaluate and contemplate

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card, Cat Tarot

Wheel of Fortune- things coming into your life, increase of income, activity and experiences, cycles and turning points, creative breakthroughs and solutions- in life and in business, reacting to events, ups and downs and highs and lows, changes, keep moving forward, changing jobs and reinventing yourself, choosing your fate, stepping into your power, keeping the faith, choices in your life, manifesting your dreams


 Card 4

Something to look forward to and embrace


Queen of Swords, Cat Tarot

Queen of Swords- Seeing things for what they are/ who they are, strength and intelligence, looking for or giving wise council/ advice, keeping commitments, being rational, telling it like it is, not putting up with anyone’s crap, being logical, knowing what is true, not letting emotions get in the way, paying attention to the facts as opposed to emotions involved


Ok! Let's jump in.


This month you will be riding the wave of contemplation. You’re entering July on the crest of that wave, but it’s not all about BBQs and good times. Don’t get me wrong here, there will be a lot of that, but it’s also a good time to take a look at where you are and what you’ve learned about yourself over the last year.


What are you going to do now? In this quasi post-Covid world. Are you happy? Do things need to change? Have you come to new realizations? With your keen sense of understanding taking center stage, you can really get a good perspective of where you are in the world. Just a good old-fashioned evaluation. The good, the bad, the ugly.


It's a good time to do some thinking and figure out what is right- FOR YOU.  It’s your life, after all. You don’t need to be defensive about your choices. Just do the thing if you want to. Or don’t. At this point, everyone just wants you to be happy.  No need to harp on the past. What’s done is done. You can let it go.


With your creativity flowing and bringing in those breakthroughs, you’ll find the solutions you’ve been looking for to keep you moving forward.


Now is a great time to look for a new job, or a new place to live, if you’re unhappy where you are. The opportunities are plentiful, everywhere you go. There is lots of change on the horizon and it’s starting today. Be ready for it.


With your ingenuity and strong sense of knowing, you can spot the bullshit from a mile away and face it head on. Nothing can rock you because you’re one step ahead. Be true to yourself and take a deep breath- cool, calm and collected. You know what's up.


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Until we meet again, have a great July❤️ 


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