Monthly Tarot Forecast for January 2021

Monthly Tarot Forecast for January 2021

Happy New Year! What better way to start the year than with a little reading! This year, I have decided to do a monthly tarot spread to give you a view, or more importantly, my view of how the month is going to play out. But first, a warning. 


If you’ve ever had a reading with me, you already know that I’m a “tell it like it is” kind of person. If you didn’t know this yet, now you do. I’m not one for sugar coating and nebulous fluff. Kind of like this- I told my little girl at 4, that her freckles weren’t Angel kisses, they were a mutation in her skin cells. I think she was sad about it, but hey, at least she knew the truth.


So, you see, I would much rather cut to the chase. But don’t worry, I still like unicorns and rainbows. I’m just not into pixie dust and moonbeams.


For this first month, I decided to use my oldest and dearest deck, The Morgan-Greer Tarot.  My aunt bought this deck for me when I was about 14. It was published in the summer of 1979 and it’s filled with all sorts of 70’s goodness- vibrant colors, groovy clothes and mustaches galore.                                                        

January Forecast 

Card 1-The High Priestess- overview of the month 


This is a fitting card for this time of year. The High Priestess marks the end of a year and moving into a new one.

Listening to your dreams, your feelings, looking within, paying attention to your intuition, embracing both sides of yourself - feminine and masculine and both sides of every situation, trusting yourself, possibilities on the horizon, going with the flow, inner balance, tolerance, patience and cooperation


 Card 2 -The world- something to release

Represents your karma and your soul’s release, includes both masculine and feminine qualities equally, a doorway to rebirth, accomplishment and success, moving forward, letting go of the journey you just had, a pause to the next big thing in life


Card 3 -The hermit- something to reevaluate and contemplate


Withdrawing from activities, deep understanding of what is truly important in life, paying attention to detail, being trustworthy and thoughtful, taking time for yourself, deep meaningful relationships, taking a step back, defining your values, actions speak louder than words, taking advice from others, giving advice to others, evaluating personal goals and what you want for yourself, a deeper spiritual connection


  Card 4 -The Devil- something to look forward to

Taking a look at yourself, finding areas where you can move past your self-imposed restraints, shedding light on important topics, facing the truth, giving in to your obsessions, giving in to those feelings of powerlessness, giving in to addictions, paying too much attention to materialism


 Are you ready for my take away? Okay, here it is. 


Pay close attention to your intuition this month--don’t dismiss what you pick up because it could be important. Stay true to your moral compass. This is a time for deep reflection and connection to your inner-self. 

Ditch those lofty ideals of the world going back to “normal” now that we have entered a new year. That shit’s a lie. It’s not going to happen. Not yet any way. We need to get real with ourselves. Enjoy the new normal, the less formal, low-key vibe that’s going on. Breathe. Stretch. Take a load off, put on some sweats. Relax. It can be good, right?

Continue being comfy with the whole hanging around the house thing. If you haven’t already, consider some new hobbies. There are so many things you could explore within yourself, online, in books. We are still in that reflection and growth cycle. You need to take a serious look at yourself and what it will take to be okay. Like really okay- mind, body and soul.

Make sure you mind your obsessions and find a way to embrace earthly pleasures without fear and judgement. (Looking at you, Sugar and Alcohol). Also, just because we have a vaccine now, doesn’t mean everything’s all hunky dory (does anyone even say that anymore?) We aren’t out of the woods.

Stay grounded, and focused. You’re still living this shit, after all, so pay attention and do what you need to do to help prevent the further spread of the virus. Because it sucks out there. The numbers are high. Be vigilant, keep you and your family healthy and safe and if you need help for some reason, make sure you go out and get it. Don’t brush it off.


Well, there you go. Hopefully this helps or reaffirms what you have been thinking and feeling. As much as we would love to walk away from 2020, it's still going to linger. For a bit anyway.  Until next month, much love and blessings. 














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