Monthly Tarot Forecast for February 2021

Monthly Tarot Forecast for February 2021

Welcome to the February tarot forecast!


This is where I take a look at the month ahead and see what’s in store moving forward. This is the second time I’ve done this on my blog, and I’m kind of liking it.


Don’t know if you like it, but I guess if I’m going to take my own advice this month, I don’t really care. It’s giving me that feeling of answering Dear Abby letters but with tarot instead of letters and telling it like I see it, no fucks given. (well, maybe a few)


This month I decided to use my favorite tarot deck, The Mythic Tarot, which I might be using a lot as the year goes by. This deck is super cool if you like Greek Mythology and archetypal stories.


The Mythic Tarot was first published in 1986 and created by Juliette Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene. The illustrations, done by Tricia Newell, are beautiful, simple renditions of the Greek myths, making these tarot cards easy to understand.


I will be doing a 4-card reading, which you will see what each card is representing as you read along, as well as some information explaining a quick look at the card itself, in case you aren’t that familiar with tarot. This way, if you don’t like my interpretation, you can make your own. (See! I DO have fucks to give)


So, here we go- have a wonderful February!


Card One- Overview of the month

 Nine of Cups- The Mythic Tarot

The Nine of Cups

This card depicts the true and second marriage of Eros and Psyche, with Aphrodite blessing their union, and honoring their love, after all they have been through. Love isn’t always easy and doesn’t always have a fairytale ending. This marriage is a commitment to love despite betrayals and hardships. Eros and Psyche represent this within the self, marrying the feelings and values of the inner and outer self.

The nine of cups is considered the wish card. It expresses happiness and satisfaction on an emotional level. It’s rewarding and validating, bringing in that energy of contentment. Enjoying what you have and have gratitude for the things around you. Feelings of anxiety and worry lifting. Taking a break and enjoying what you have in life. Like a great big sigh of relief.



Card Two- Something to release 

The Star- The Mythic Tarot 


The Star

Here we see Pandora, opening her box and releasing all the spites, which is very much like Eve taking a bite of the apple, infecting mankind with sin. Yet, despite the escape of all these severe punishments, hope remains- as that shining star, that symbol of promise and inspiration when life is at its lowest.

The Star represents faith and hope in times of difficulty. Its liberation and freedom after containment. Its creativity flowing through you and into the world, bursting with great ideas. It’s openness and trust, generosity and abundance. Being in the flow of what the universe has to offer you.



Card Three- Something to reevaluate and contemplate

The four of cups-The Mythic Tarot


The four of cups

Once again, we meet Psyche, sitting in the beautiful palace created just for her. Having married Eros the first time, with blind faith, after never having laid eyes on him. Here, her ugly sisters, jealous of her beauty and what she has, try to convince her that her husband must be a vile creature because he won’t show himself. This causes her to question herself, bringing her much discontent.

The four of cups deals with our shadow selves, and brings forth that unexpressed resentment that we are forced to examine, causing us to be grumpy and stubborn. It’s that classic pessimism that we can all fall into at times, where we choose to see the glass half empty, creating our own stuck-ness.



Card Four- Something to look forward to

The Hanged Man- The Mythic Tarot 

The Hanged Man

This card shows Prometheus, having sacrificed himself to a slow and vile death so he could bring fire to mankind, and therefore, progress and illumination. Knowing this would anger Zeus, he did it anyway, believing the outcome was greater than the sacrifice. Zeus, fearful that humans would become Gods with this knowledge, vowed to destroy mankind with a great flood. Prometheus, which means foresight, warns his family and they build a boat, surviving the wrath of the Gods, similar to the story of Noah’s ark.

The hanged man represents being true to yourself even when others don’t believe in you. Being uncomfortable as you wait for something of greater value. Voluntarily sacrificing your wants and need for the benefit of others. A willingness to change and embrace new thought patterns and ideas.



Now, let's dive in 


This month it’s time to count your blessings. Be thankful for what you have and express that gratitude for the things around you. Some of those feelings of worry and anxiety you’ve been feeling will lift, bringing some much-needed relaxation. Be open to all synchronicities that come your way this month. There might be something good there, and trust me, you don’t want to miss it. Allow the universe to provide for you and be open to receive these gifts. 


Don’t let your guard down too much though. Keep one eye open at all times. Things might feel as if the storm has shifted some, but that’s not at all the case. It’s still stormy as hell out there. Keep your coat on and your mind sharp. Don’t throw caution to the wind just yet!


Take this time to feel your emotions about the current state of the world. It’s ok to be upset. Don’t feel like you need to constantly put on a happy face. Go ahead and pout about it. Let yourself glower. You’re not ready to accept what the universe has been dishing out and that’s ok. Be pissed! Because really, we are living in a shit show right now. Let’s just call it what it is.


But don’t sit and stew for too long, because at some point, you need to snap out of it. I mean, life does go on, regardless if you’re having a great time. Try to look at things in a new way, embrace new ideas, be open. Free your mind! You could be surprised by what you find. And if no one understands what the hell you’re doing, who cares. You don’t need to impress anyone but yourself.


But with that being said, it’s not all about you. We are all in this shit hole together, just remember that. Sometimes we need to do things for the greater good. So, don’t get so caught up in yourself, and in your own beliefs, that you forget we share this planet. And it’s a much better place when we can all respect each other and get along.


Until we meet again, have a great month❤️ 

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