Nightmares & Quantum Physics- The Place Where Wormhole Are Born

Nightmares & Quantum Physics- The Place Where Wormhole Are Born

It’s been a really long time since I had a nightmare, but for some reason, I had one this week. It must have been the right series of events that brought it on.


The day before, I drank some matcha. At 4:30 pm. I am normally caffeine-free, but it was so good. Totally worth it at the time, until sleep eluded me. I laid in my bed endlessly reading, in hopes of falling asleep until 1 am.


The hours ticked by as I slept peacefully. Well, only 3 hours to be exact. For some reason, I woke up at 4 am. Wide awake.


At this point, I had two choices. Get up and feel terrible the rest of the day, or grab my book and continue reading, cozy under the covers. So, what do you think I chose? Damn right! I grabbed my book and snuggled in, with hopes of falling back to sleep.


That was my 2nd mistake (with the late afternoon matcha, being the first). As a seasoned nightmare haver, I know the prime time for a nightmare is when I fall back to sleep after waking up prematurely. It just didn’t cross my mind at the time. Sleep sounded too good to remember this nightmare having tidbit.


I have had nightmares my whole life. I used to have them every night for weeks at a time. It’s very upsetting and really exhausting. The worst type of nightmare I have had, I call cluster nightmares. Where you’re layers deep within a dream state and keep waking up or thinking you are, but you only wake up in a different layer and can’t escape the dream. This is the type of dream I had this week.


In my dream, water aliens had wanted to use my body as a costume, to disguise themselves. They had planned on stealing human bodies and discarding their souls.  They had bunkers under all bodies of water, and, of course, I happen to be swimming.


I was drug underwater and pulled into a base of some sort. It was very white and had lots of stainless-steel details on doors and windows. I remember being locked in a room that was similar to a cell, yet looked very clinical.


I remember thinking that I needed to get out of there before my body was stolen. I thought I must be in a dream because as I was pulled underwater, I could still breathe.


I forced myself to wake up. I don’t know too many other people who have had nightmares as regularly as I have, but my conscious mind frantically tells my dreaming mind to wake up. It’s like on some level, I know I need to get the hell out of there. I’ve even had my mom, who is no longer on this planet, tell me to wake up. Talk about creepy.


Thinking I woke up in my bed, I looked around my room, tried to push the covers up and my arms wouldn’t move. My legs wouldn’t move either. My conscious mind kept telling me to move. To hurry and get up.


It took every ounce of effort I had to move my body and whip up the covers and run to my kitchen, where my husband was.


When I turned the corner into my kitchen, I was back in the waiting cell in the underwater bunker. Still completely in the dream.


How does this happen, one might ask? Is it my mind playing tricks on me or is it something else? My guess is it’s subatomic sub-region links mirroring planes or dimensions. This is the same place where wormholes are born. But let me start at the beginning.  With the universe. And hopefully, I can make this quick.


The universe is comprised of everything that is physical matter. But quantum physics tells us there is something bigger. The Omni-verse. The Omni-verse represents everything in every reality including 11 higher dimensions and parallel worlds, according to superstring theory. These dimensions and parallel worlds don’t line up in a linear fashion. They all interpenetrate one another within the space-time continuum. 


So, essentially you are sitting in every other dimensional reality in existence, right now. You just don’t see them because each one has its own frequency, causing it to exist in a smaller state of matter than where you reside. It’s so small, it’s finer than air. 


These dimensions and parallel worlds can be thought of as strings that are all vibrating to their own oscillations to create different frequencies. These frequencies create both physical and etheric matter, as well as higher vibrational states just like different waves along the electromagnetic spectrum. Within these dimensions are membranes or sub-regions that only sub-particles are capable of passing through.  You got that, or have I lost you?


The lowest frequency is our physical world. But when we sleep, I am pretty sure we leave this physical plane and travel within these different frequencies. It’s the same thing that happens to us when we die and I know all about that, first hand (you can listen to me talk about my NDE on the Shift Your Spirits Podcast, here).  We pass from this denser physical plane into a different frequency and, as I mentioned, these frequencies are interpenetrated with one another. This is why some people are able to communicate with the dead. They are just able to pick up information from other vibrational frequencies that are around us all the time.


Perhaps when we are sleeping we leave our bodies, becoming subatomic particles, which are smaller than atoms. So, if we are sub-particles, that means we could very well get stuck within these membranes, within these different dimensional intersections. It might be really hard to get out, explaining why I always think I am awake, yet, I’m really not.


I am envisioning it like being in a huge vibrational spiderweb, where it’s kind of sticky and hard to escape. Which would totally explain why my brain feels so foggy after having a nightmare. Maybe I haven’t collected all my electrons and protons yet. But the next question is, why would I go there? Unfortunately, I haven’t figured that part out yet. But when I do, I will be sure to let you know. It’s not easy being a sub-particle reporter in the subatomic region of the Omni-verse, but somebody’s gotta do it.










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