smudging stick of sage, turkey feather, selenite wand and bell- the perfect kit for cleansing crystals

Crystals: To Cleanse Or Not To Cleanse

To cleanse or not to cleanse. That is the question. There are many different ways to cleanse your crystals. It really comes down to personal preference. There are also many different thoughts on cleansing crystals, the popular view and the unpopular view- AKA, mine. But I will get into that a little later. First, let’s talk about ways to cleanse.


  • Water- simply rinsing your crystals under running water. You could also rinse them in a stream or in the ocean. When cleansing points with water, it’s best to have the point facing downward because that is the directional flow of energy through the crystal. From base to point.
  • Saltwater/salt- You know how you make a salt rinse for your mouth? It’s the same for crystals. Place your mixture in a glass cup or bowl and leave your crystals in it overnight. Or just place your crystal in a bowl of salt, point down.

*when using water and/or salt with your crystals be mindful of the MOHS hardness scale rating.  You don’t want to put really soft crystals or stones in water (such as selenite).


  • Smudging- You can use sage, palo santo sticks or incense and wave the    smoke around your crystals and stones. The same as you would your     house.
  • Sound- You can use brass singing bowls, crystals singing bowls, tingshas, gongs or bells. This is my preferred method. I feel like the sounds wakes the crystals or stones up and alerts them to what’s going on.
  • Sand or Dirt- You can place your crystals or stones in a houseplant overnight or if you feel your crystals needs extra cleansing, bury them in the ground overnight or for however long you feel they need to be there. This is usually the method you would choose if you really felt like your crystal needed a reset.
  • Sunlight/moonlight- Placing your crystals or stones out in direct sun or overnight in the moonlight can also charge them and give them a boost of energy. Be mindful of what you are placing in the sun. Some crystals and stones can fade if left in the sunlight, such as amethyst. With colored crystals, it’s best to choose the moonlight. Unless it’s only for a limited time. Better safe than sorry.
  • Crystals- Crystals charging crystals?! Whaaaaatttt.... Yep, there are a few crystals that can recharge your other crystals. Selenite- just place them on a selenite slab or wand, Quartz cluster- place your crystals on your quartz cluster, a Geode- I bet you can guess this one! Yes! Just place your crystal inside the geode. Use your own judgement as to how long you feel they need to be left on these crystals. You will always be correct.
  •  Visualization- last but not least, imagine sending white cleansing light into your crystal. Let this light scan your crystal and remove anything you feel needs to be removed. When you feel it is cleansed, it is ready to use again.


The popular reasons to cleanse crystals are... wait a minute! Do I care what the popular kids are doing? Do you? Heck no we don’t!


Ok, now for the unpopular view on cleansing crystals. You don’t need to get crazy with cleansing crystals. You don’t need to cleanse crystals every time you look at them. Or when someone else does. You don’t need to cleanse your necklace each week.  Even if your coworker is a jerk and you get pissed off. You know why? They don’t need it.


Crystals have their own vibration. Their vibration is WAY more stable than ours. They don’t take on your negative, old, used, dirty or whatever type of energy you want to fill in here. They transmute it. It doesn’t contaminate them. No matter what you throw at them, they are good. They will continue to uphold their awesome vibration regardless of what you choose to do. You know how I know this? They told me. Do it if you want to. That’s what they said.


There are times that I do cleanse my crystals. I always cleanse my crystals when I first bring them home. I just feel that this is a good practice. I always use sound. I personally feel like it wakes my crystals up and shakes any unwanted energy off of them so they are fresh and ready for anything I ask. Even if that’s to sit around looking pretty. 


I always bathe them in sound before any healing session. The sound of my crystal singing bowl lets them know that it’s time for work and they jump to attention, ready to assist me. Other than that, I let them be themselves.


So, you can choose to cleanse your crystals or not cleanse your crystals. That’s up to you. Whatever you choose is right for you. Your crystals won’t mind.


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