Crystals & Stones for Creating Happiness in the Home

Crystals & Stones for Creating Happiness in the Home

Okay, I’m just going to say it. 2020 has been a pretty shitty year. I have a feeling that this year has impacted everyone’s life in a strange way. Some people may have slipped under the radar and haven’t had much change in their lives, but I don’t think that has been the norm.


Since we are all spending much more time at home, which may continue into the new year, at least for a while, I thought I would share some crystals that might help create a little more harmony in your household and help you create that sense of happiness in your life.


Keeping your home a safe haven is always important. And towards the end of the year, when people are reflecting on the past 12 months, happiness can waver, dipping down into the deep depths of, what the fuck was that?


That dark place of regret and angsty demolishment of sweets and carb related comforts in jammies long unwashed. The place of Netflix and overchill. Unfortunately, it’s a place that many of us know quite well, and have visited many times throughout 2020.


I’ve been there a few times, but my crystals always pull me out. Not only do they have that “ooh shiny rock” factor, but with their stable vibratory rate, they can pick you up off the couch and help create a sense of wellbeing in your life. Crystals can bring your energy into balance, changing your frequency, and uplifting your mood. And who doesn’t want that?


Here are a few crystals and stones that are perfect for pulling you out of the doldrums, creating new thought patterns, and shifting your energy, which is something we all need every once in a while.



                    Tiger Eye natural and tumbled stones

Tiger Eye- Tiger Eye is perfect for helping you keep from feeling overwhelmed with all the weirdness in the world.  Because of its grounding nature, it can center you in your practical mind, giving you the strength needed to pull you out of the “blues”. It can keep you relaxed and free from worry as it supports your sense of happiness and security, which a lot of us desire right now. Tiger Eye is the perfect crystal to help you consciously create those feelings of awareness about yourself, (I should stop eating these chips and change out of these clothes), and about others (Dude, enough with the chips. Go change your clothes). Tiger Eye is that soothing and calming wake-up call your vibration is craving.



                Blue Lace Agate natural and tumbled stones

Blue Lace Agate- Blue Lace Agate is my favorite stone. It’s excellent for keeping harmony and creating that feeling of cooperation within a group or a family. This is perfect for those families that have spent a lot more time together recently, which is my situation. Everyone is home. All the time. And it’s wonderful! Blue Lace Agate is so good for helping keep lines of communication open, helping you speak with kindness and come from the heart. Sometimes things can get a little stressful in the home, and Blue Lace Agate, with its clarity and calming nature, can uplift your vibration and support you when you need it.


Green Aventurine natural and tumbled stones

Green Aventurine- Green Aventurine is outstanding when it comes to self- expression. With so much time at home these days, many, including myself, are exploring their creativity and this is the perfect stone to give you that added zest for life and experimentation. Whether it’s in the kitchen or at the kitchen table, Green Aventurine can support your exploration into the deepest parts of your soul, pulling out ideas that you never knew you had. It can help raise your vibration, bringing that excitement into life that so many of us have been missing.



Carnelian natural and tumbled stones

Carnelian- Carnelian is great for helping you keep a strong focus on your goals.When the world is changing around you, having a solid grasp on your goals for the future can help you stay positive. Carnelian encourages you to keep moving forward, with clarity and stamina. It supports your dreams and wishes while keeping you grounded in reality. It can protect you from falling into the trap of thinking you’ll never achieve your goals, and provides that structure you need to stay on track. Carnelian also brings the message of love and with it comes compassion. We could all use a big dose of that right now. For ourselves and for others.


What should you do with these crystals? Use your intuition and really follow what your heart wants you to do. There are so many ways you can incorporate crystals into your life. You can hold them, meditate with them, wear them, and look at them.  Use them to amplify your affirmations, to strengthen your healing sessions, and to enhance the vibration of your nightly bath. The possibilities are endless. Now, let’s all create more joy and happiness in our lives, and in our homes, as we move into 2021.


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