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Conversations With America's Spirit Guide

I think our country is having a healing crisis. We have started a detoxification process that could last a while. Eliminating the toxins that have lodged themselves into our society. Cleansing the infected bacteria out of our bloodstream so we can be purified and renewed. It’s the rebirth we have been waiting for.  


Sorry to break it to you, but we aren’t going back to the way it was. Right now, we need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is our new normal. This tumultuous ride isn’t going to stop. You need to understand that change is happening whether you like it or not. And this is just the beginning.


Or at least that’s what the Native American spirit guide of the Americas has been telling me. He and I have become quite good friends lately. It’s unfortunate we had to meet under such turbulent times, because he really is quite lovely, in all his enormousness.  


He is always serious, never smiles, and I can see why. We are headed down a pretty bumpy path, yet this is the only way for us to go. He is delicate in his way of speaking and I have found much comfort in that. I have spoken to him twice in the month of June. I ask him questions, he answers. He always has a lot to say. I thought I should share it. 




What is next for us as the year continues?


There will be much unrest in the lives of the American people. Great change is upon us. There are times in our history where things tend to repeat themselves. This is one of those times. The body has slowed and taken a step back. It is time for the mind to resurface. The mind will see where cleansing needs to take place and allow the body to step back. To work in unison and find compassion within you. Move forward. Take notice of yourselves and allow change to follow.


What can we expect from this?


A recurrence of the structures at hand. The structures that have been built upon false dreams. The beliefs that this country was founded on were not able to manifest. The body was too present, while the mind faded behind. The ideals and values were there, but the body took over. Now it’s the time for the mind. The mind will correct the wrongs and in doing so, free the body. This will be painful for you. It will be a hardship, a battle, but not as it was during the birth. It will be a battle of the mind and soul. The voice will be strong and take over. There are many who do not listen. They will fall behind. The body has been crying for the rest it deserves. Allow the body to let go.


Are we entering another revolution?


A revolution of sorts, yes, but not in the way you are imagining. This will be a slow change that will last years. When this country was founded, many of the beliefs that were held, are still valid in your society, yet there are changes that need to be made. Until these amendments take place, you should expect much of the same. The tables have tipped. Expect fallout.


Will we see unrest?


Yes, unrest will continue. Your current leader lacks the skills necessary to confront the people and quell the destruction. Your current leader is lost right now. He does not hold beliefs of love and peace. He holds beliefs of money.

Your country is riddled with young souls learning to live in a collective, learning to embrace love.  Kindness can be lost. There are many lessons to be learned. Many consider themselves Christian, yet they are not Christ-like. To be Christ-like is to be light. There is much darkness in your world.


How do we start seeing ourselves as a collective instead of separate?


All you have to do is open your eyes. Wash your sins from the body and allow it to take a step back. Together you will rise. Strong, as one. Don’t be fooled, there are many blocking this transition. Don’t let it sway you. Hold true, for this will be one mind, one body.


What can we expect in the second half of this year?


The second half of this year will be equally as challenging as the first, more so, in that your government will continue to dismantle old beliefs as it releases the body. The people of this country long to truly be free and this is just the beginning. It will be loud. Stay awake and don’t let your guard down. Continued crumbling and dismantling. Words will be said that can’t be taken back. This will anger many. Expect catastrophic actions to be taken.




So, this is what we are looking at for the rest of this year. The question is, how will you show up? This is the time to take a good look at yourself. An honest look. It’s time to remember why you came here. To this planet, to this place. At this exact time in history.


This is a time for taking action. This action could be big and it could be small. It’s up to you. We are at a crossroads. What are you going to do? How are you going to stay grounded, remain centered? Because things will get rocky. We have only just begun. 


So, I’m going to ask you again. How will you show up?



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