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Breadcrumbs From The Universe

Do you ever wonder where ideas some from? Why they pop into your mind? Just random thoughts that cross your mind like a neon sign, trying to get your attention. “Ta-dah, what about this idea”, your mind says. Sometimes you don’t even notice or sometimes you just watch them float across your mind like a cloud blowing in the wind, never acting on them.  


But what would happen if you started acting upon those thoughts? Paying attention to them and acknowledging them. Saying yes and grabbing your thought by the hand to see where it wants to lead you?  Ok, we all know thoughts don’t have hands. But what if they have hands?? 


Lately I have been paying attention to the thoughts that come into my mind and saying yes to them, in some form or fashion. It’s become my little experiment to see what happens. I have no idea where they will lead me. I just follow in wonder, picking up the bread crumbs the universe is leaving me. 


I wondered if I honored the thoughts I was given, would I be given more? Would they just continue to flow, propelling me on this cosmic odyssey of life? The answer so far is yes, they will. The more ideas I have acted on, and the more I say yes, the more I grow and move forward in life. Each idea seems to guide me into areas I would have never even imagined. 


A few months ago, an idea popped into my mind that I had never thought of before. It was about animal communication. I was busy doing dishes, or some other random chore where your mind wonders off on its own, and all of a sudden, I thought, if I can pick up people’s energy and I can talk to deceased people and past on animals, I wonder if I could pick up on animals that were alive.


It was one of those ideas that I could have easily ignored, telling myself I didn’t know anything about animal communication and letting it go. But instead, I thought I needed to look into it and find someone who would volunteer their pet for me to read. Just for the fun of it. 


The next day, I got a message asking me if I could do some crystal healing on a recently adopted cat named Odin. Did I get this message because I honored my idea? It seemed like it to me. I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone, yet an opportunity landed in my lap. Bread crumbs.  

Meet Odin


Odin is a four-year-old, one-eyed Persian, who is adorable. Odin was having a problem with using the litter box for close to two weeks and his new owner didn’t want to have to return him to the shelter. She mentioned that she thought something was wrong with his feet because he was declawed and she had no information as to when or why this happened.  So, I decided to have a conversation with Odin to see what was up. 


Connecting with Odin’s energy was just like connecting with anyone’s energy. It didn’t seem any different to me at all, which came as a surprise. I also didn’t have much expectation going in because I was trying this as an experiment. Just for the fun of it, to see what would happen if I took my idea by the hand. 


Odin was a pretty serious guy.  He seemed well reserved and mature. Almost dignified in his demeaner. I felt like his voice had a sophisticated air about it when he communicated with me. He was also a very devoted being. Loyal as they come.


His aura was blue, moving into turquoise that looked slightly silvery. He had a bunch of little flitters swarming around him, almost like flies, but that’s not what they were. They were more like elementals, possibly faeries. I had never seen this before because I’ve never looked into the energy field of a cat, but this is what I saw when I asked if he had a spirit guide or something similar with him. They were really sparkly and moved super-fast. Whatever they were, he had a lot of them and he felt very supported in this life.  


I didn’t check his chakra levels prior to the healing, but I could feel that he was ungrounded. He hadn’t been with his new family for too long and he just didn’t know if they were going to let him stay.


He was basically unsure of everything at this point. He was also somewhat sad, which had nothing to do with his new family and everything to do with his old family. He missed his old family a lot.  Apparently, there was a woman he was particularly close with and he didn’t understand why he had been taken away.


He told me his paws did hurt, especially the back left. I asked him about being declawed but he didn’t remember having claws, so he must have been a baby. I was curious as to how he lost his eye, so I decided to ask him about it.  He told me he didn’t want to talk about that. He said it was very painful and scary and that it was in the past. He was over it. There was no point in bringing it up, he said. He didn’t need the sad memories right then. I got the impression that he preferred to live in the present and forget about the past.


I asked him about what was up with him not using the litter box, and this is what he told me. He wanted more privacy and a carpet for his feet when he stepped out. I asked him if he would try to use the litter box, especially if he wanted to stay with his new owner. He said he would try but that sometimes he might forget. He also told me he really loved his new owner and that he was very grateful for her kind heart and that he hoped he could stay. 


Odin's nail growing through his back left paw.


Odin’s new owner was really happy with the information that I gave her. She said she would get him a carpet for his litter box that day and readjust the placement for him. She messaged me that evening and let me know that Odin was using the litter box and all was well. A day or so later, she got his feet checked out with the vet. She sent me this photo of his back left paw.


I was so happy that I was able to help Odin get what he needed and continue to be a part of his new family’s life. I am sure he is beyond thankful that he was heard and that his new family cared enough to help him get what he needed. I wish Odin the best. I am also very grateful to him for allowing me in his energy.


Through this experience I have learned so much about myself and about what happens when you honor what you are given. I currently have a list of new animal friends waiting to talk to me. I still don’t know where ideas come from but what matters is where they lead you. From now on I plan on taking my ideas by the hand and picking up the breadcrumbs the universe gives me. Maybe you should too.


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