A Time for Change: A Glimpse into 2020 and The Coming Decade

A Time for Change: A Glimpse into 2020 and The Coming Decade

I was recently talking to a friend and she asked me if I had heard any of the predictions and prophesies for 2020 and for the new decade we just entered. She had wondered if I had looked into any of that. Honestly, I hadn’t. I don’t believe I have ever really looked into or spoke to anyone in spirit about what was to come as a whole. It got me thinking. Perhaps I should do that. Could I do that? I wondered. The only way to find out was to try it.


I got my notebook and pen and decided to ask my guides. It kinda went down like this-


Me- Hey guides! I have a question. (They were right there waiting for me to ask it)

Guides- Yeah, what’s up?

Me- Well, I was wondering if there was someone you could hook me up with who would tell me anything about this new year and new decade we just entered.

Guides- Sure thing!


Then all of a sudden, there he was. This very large elder Native American spirit guide. He said he was one of the spirit guides for the Americas. He looked very serious and was very quiet. He waited without saying anything for me to make the next move.  


I have a few questions, I said. He nodded his head for me to go on. So, I jumped right in. The following is our conversation.


Me- What is in store for 2020 and this new decade? What can people look forward to?

Him- The winds of change are upon us. They won’t be all upheaval. They will be peaceful in many ways. First comes hardship, then comes contentment. With contentment comes peace.


What I saw as he was talking was a lot of chaos and things moving quickly. I couldn’t really get a solid impression of the pictures that were being shown to me as he spoke. It was too fast. It just felt like a lot of stuff. I can’t really explain it and I know that’s pretty vague. So I pressed on.


Me- How is the energy of this year going to impact us?

Him-The energy will be quick and will pass you by if you are not looking firmly from the present. Do not dwell on the past and focus on the future. What you have is the moment. Put your attention here. When you can remain where you are seated, you notice the good around you and release the tension. Stay firmly planted and rooted in the earth. Shift your focus towards her. She is changing. Many storms will arise. Conflict. Hold fast to your values. You will know when it’s time for change.


What I was shown here, as he spoke, was a lot of storms. Storms in mother nature, storms with the powers that be, storms in people’s lives. I would say, what we have seen so far in the world is nothing compared to what is coming. I don’t say this like it’s all bad, I just say this as a pay attention to your shit warning. Live in the moment and focus on what you can control. And hold on. It could be an interesting ride for a while. I was concerned about the overall outcome with this answer, so I asked if there were more negatives than positives. From what I have learned over the years, guides of any kind don’t really talk about good and bad. I don’t think they see a difference. They see things from more of a neutral position. It is what it is. But I asked anyway.


Me- Will there be more negatives than positives as a whole?

Him- It depends on your perspective and where you are looking at this time. If you are moving towards peace, then it may not be a positive time for you. If you are focused on change, then it should be a positive time. Change is coming even if you don’t want it. The impact will be strong for many. Relax into the day and take each day as it comes. Remaining in the present. You will feel the peace you desire.


Then he left. Just like that. He swooped in, answered my questions and took off. I was more than grateful for his time and his presence. It was gentle and comforting. Like a hug. I felt that everything would end up ok.  My take away from this is this- we are obviously moving into a lot of change. I will do my best to remember his words and try my best to remain in the present. Observing from where I am, not dwelling on how things used to be and how things could be. I believe we need change. A lot of it. So, that is where my focus will be. On change. And through this change, I will look forward to peace as I remain in the present. Being thankful for everything each day brings me.




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