A Ritual for Connecting to Spirit

A Ritual for Connecting to Spirit

There are many different types of rituals. They can be as small as saying a gratitude prayer in your mind before eating, to celebrating a rite of passage as a group. Rituals are a sacred way of bringing mindfulness into your life. They honor those things that are bigger than us, connecting us to the energy of the Universe, and through that, we become one. One with the ceremony, one with the sacredness of our planet.


My favorite ritual is the ritual I do before connecting to Spirit. There are many different ways to do this, but I think most do something similar. Some can be elaborate and some can be very personal and unique to the individual.


Before I connect to Spirit for myself, or when doing a reading, I always breathe, ground, clear and set my intention. It lets my mind know that I am going to connect to Spirit and opens my awareness to higher vibrational states. It takes about 5 minutes to do and puts me in touch with Divine energy so I'm ready to receive the messages I have intended.


Breathe- I’m not talking about normal breathing, I’m talking power breaths. Power breaths are deep breaths that you breathe in for the count of three or four, hold for a count of three or four and release to the count of double what you held it for. Such as- in, two, three, four. Hold, two, three, four. Release to the count of eight, completely expelling all the air in your lungs. Do this three times and you will feel completely renewed. Why do this, you might ask?  Because air is all around us. It’s filled with negative ions that increase oxygen levels in our brains, elevating our mood and giving us mental energy. By breathing deeply, you are benefiting from the power of nature and increasing your mental clarity. And who doesn’t want that when connecting to spirit? 


Grounding- When you ground yourself, or your physical body, you tether yourself to the earth and to the physical plane. It’s almost the same thing as throwing an anchor into the ocean. With your anchor weighing you down, you aren’t drifting off course. This gives your emotions and your mind a stable place to react from. When you are grounded, you are stable and firmly planted in the now and can view the situation from your core set of beliefs. There are many different ways to ground yourself, but the method my guides gave me is the one I use. I prefer to do this outside, barefoot, but it works equally well inside the house. If you would like to try my method, you can download it for free on my homepage.


Clearing- By clearing yourself, you release any beliefs you are holding that could be blocking your connection to Spirit. You release thoughts and emotions that don’t belong and that aren’t helpful to you. You are giving yourself a clean energetic slate to work with. It’s just like showing up to class with a clean sheet of paper and a sharpened pencil. I like to go through each of my chakras and release anything that doesn’t belong, with a prayer. It helps me to level my energy and calm my mind, ready to open to spirit.

I sometimes change up the words depending on the day but it’s pretty much the same. Removing everything in my chakras preventing me from being the complete light, then filling myself up with vital force energy.

Chakra Cleansing Prayer

(Placing your awareness in each chakra, starting with the root and moving up to the crown, say aloud or in your mind)


Clear my root and remove any blocks that might be preventing me from making a full connection

Clear my sacral and remove anything preventing me from my passion and creativity

Release any and all feelings of inadequacy that might be blocking my solar plexus

Clear my heart from all worry and pain

Remove all block from my throat that are holding me back from my truth

Clear all obstacles, thoughts and feelings blocking my third eye from seeing

Remove all doubts from my crown leaving me open and clear for your guidance


(now you are basically bringing the light and essence back in and refilling yourself with vital force energy, starting with the crown chakra and moving down to the root chakra. Feel the light coming in and moving down your body)


Fill me up with love and let light expand within me

Give me the ability to see and feel your direction and your wisdom so I can do the work you have called me to do

Give me the words to speak your truth in my life and in my service

Give me the love that needs to flow through me to others as well as myself

Give me the confidence and the strength to do the work at hand

Give me the power to work through your guidance to the best of my ability

Ground me to your earth, solid and firm so that I am able to show up

Allow your light to work through me and as me, keeping me whole.


Setting your intention- When you set your intention, you set the stage for the result you are wanting. You set your goal for the purpose of your connection and you state your reason for doing what you’re doing. That way, everyone involved, you and Spirit, know what to expect. This can be a few quick words to sum up the process such as:

I call on my guides and angels
Please assist me in this reading today
(or whatever it is you are trying to achieve),
Please make me a vessel
For the highest good of all
Thank you, thank you, thank you


This can be done very simply or more complex. It’s really your choice. I like to add a directional element to it by saying each part of my intention while facing east, then turning south, west, north and back to the east, before I say the final closing. This directional element mimics the flow of the magnetic current around you and can really help you spark your vibration for connection.


I hope this has inspired you to either create your own ritual for connecting to Spirit or try mine. I’m sure whatever you come up with will be a beautiful ceremony for connection.


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