A Look into the Future of 2021

A Look into the Future of 2021

This is the second year that I have looked into what we can expect for the new year. This year, when I asked my guides to lead me to the best source for finding out what this year will look like for us, they brought forward the Akashic Guide for our planet. I have spoken to her a few times in the past, and her energy is like a really good hug. I can’t think of any other way to explain it. So, just pretend you’re getting a really good hug as you read this.


This Akashic Guide keeps track of everything that has happened, is happening and will happen on Earth. She comes to me as a younger woman around the age of 25-30, but she has done this job for a very long time. Her appearance is quite casual, as is her manner of speaking, which I like. I don’t feel intimidated at all when I talk to her and this isn’t always the case. Some beings are very intimidating. Especially Angelic beings. I always get the impression that I need to hurry up and stop wasting their time. She’s not like that at all.  I enjoy her company a lot.


Anyway, you didn’t come here to listen to me talk about how I feel when I encounter beings of different vibrations, so I will jump right in to our conversation.


What can we expect for 2021?


2021 will bring you much the same energy you had in 2020. Not much change for the first several months. We are in a dark period right now and the light hasn’t made its way to you yet. There are many lessons that still need to be learned. When your energy changes to hope instead of hopelessness, the focus will change. Until that can happen, there will be much of the same.


What can we expect with the virus as we move forward?


There will be more people infected with the virus and more death. The real virus is in the minds of the people. When hate turns to love and hopelessness to hope, light will bring much needed reprieve and things will start to get under control. The virus has infected thought patterns and thought patterns are what shape consciousness. There has been much sickness in the minds of people and now that sickness has taken hold in a physical way. Many will suffer unless you learn to work together. So, hold the light in your mind as your anchor and let go. Free yourself of the constraints you have put on yourself. Fear has taken over. When we give up to fear, our light fades. Stay strong in these dark times and be the light for at least one person each day. One by one, you will heal.


What can we expect from the new administration in America?


There will be a period of time where it seems like nothing is moving forward, yet very small and necessary steps will be taken. Your new president is of the light. He will try his best to rectify wrongs of former administrations. He is fueled by money, so the good that will come about will be small. In terms of change, the most change you will see happening is with righting wrongs that have taken over your country. Your country is changing and will continue to change as the years go by. The old ways of money and big business will be falling to the wayside. Your young people will demand it. Your young people chose to bring about this much needed change in direction. Your country will be a success as you learn to get along. These souls will carry you forward towards peace. Don’t fight this change or it could be detrimental to your safety. These changes are happening all over your planet. The time is now.


When should we expect some peace and joy?


If you mean peace on a collective scale, then not any time soon. Part of your lesson is to appreciate the differences that you all share. Underneath, you are one being struggling to embrace itself and all its parts. To the physical eye, you don’t see this, but as you learn to embrace this, peace will take hold. As for joy, you will start to feel comfortable in your new way of living, which will lead to more joy on a grand scale. As you release your fears, propelling you forward once again, you will find that feeling of joy. You can look forward to the starting of 2022. Humans take time to shift and that’s what you are doing. As the next year rolls in, things will be calmer, ushering in that sense of joy and love you are craving. In the meantime, use this time to work on yourself in whatever way leads you to growth.  


Well, there you have it. Exactly as it was told to me. Enjoy 2021, embracing the light and releasing your fears. Work on your personal growth and be kind to the people around you. Even those virtually around you on the internet.  We could really use a huge dose of kindness after all the hate and turmoil we experienced in 2020.  Together we can overcome our current situation, rise above, and find peace and joy again.



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