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7 Things You've Always Wanted To Know About Spirit Guides

Some people are deep thinkers. Some people are deep questioners and some people fall in the middle. I happen to fall somewhere in the middle—a deep thinker thinking shallow questions.


When I was a kid, I asked the typical kid-like questions non-stop, such as why is the sky blue and why is the grass green? I recall my parents answering me with that age old parental favorite of why do you ask so many questions, to which I am sure I had an answer.


But there comes a point in life when the questions stop being pondered regularly and the only question that’s really important is, what’s for dinner? But for some great minds, those "deep questioners", that is not the case.


My friend, Jennifer, recently went on a date with one of these “deep questioners”. She was having a great time, enjoying her meal, along with easily flowing conversation, when she mentioned that she was focusing on her intuition and developing her skills to start doing readings.


To many a date, this line of conversation comes as a shock and is usually changed. Sometimes abruptly, to another very important topic, the check. But not to this deep questioner! No subject shall go unquestioned.


The deep questioner responded with an astounding list of questions regarding spirit guides, that from my point of view, having just learned about her quest with all things intuitive, he must have been carrying in his back pocket.


I envisioned him whipping out one of those mini composition books, the size of a wallet, saying, “You’re an intuitive? Awesome! Hold on, I have a list of questions to ask… right here”, as he flipped through pages of deep and thought- provoking questions, “Ah, here they are, on page 22, under spirit guides”. 


This is not actually how it went down at all. This is just my version of her date playing out in my mind. I’m a deep thinker, remember? Actually, what prompted this list of “everything you’ve ever wanted to know about spirit guides but had no one to ask”, was the afterlife scene in the movie, Beetlejuice.  Apparently, the deep questioner is also a deep thinker. 


His questions were so fantastic, I immediately wanted to answer them. I totally got this, I thought. After all, my spirit guide and I go way back. I felt like that kid who jumps up and down, raising their hand as high as they can, hoping the teacher picks them.


I thought for sure there were loads of other people who wanted to know the answers to these questions as well. It would be a shame if I didn’t write a blog post about it. So, without further ado, here are these wonderfully deep questions (and my answers) about spirit guides.



1.    Who and/or what is guiding my guides? Where is my guide’s information sourced/coming from? 

The oversoul guides our guides. Our oversoul is the highest part of our soul or being and is directly getting its information from Source Energy/The Divine/Universe/God/or whatever you choose to call it. The oversoul gets its information from Source Energy because it is Source Energy. We are all Source Energy. We are all One. 


2.    Are guides intentions always in our best interest or could they somehow serve the guide’s own interest?

Our guides are always acting in our best interest. Our guides are also serving their own interest by serving ours. We are their interest. We are their main focus. We are their lives, essentially.

The only reason a guide may not be acting in your best interest is if your situation has changed and you no longer need your guide to help with coping mechanisms or to uphold certain situations.

For example, if you were bullied as a kid, you might have asked one of your guides to help you cope with what was happening because you couldn’t leave the situation.  As an adult, your guide still continues to help you cope with being bullied and you continue to find yourself in situations where you are being talked down to and treated badly. This behavior is continuing because your guide is still upholding what you originally agreed upon. Our guides are always doing exactly what we agreed for them to do.


3.    Do we choose our guides or are they chosen for and assigned to us? If assigned, how does that process work?

We choose to work with our guides based on what we need or plan on needing in this lifetime. It’s almost like we offer up an assignment based on what we are needing or wanting and a guide, or two, agrees to take on the assignment, signing a contract to work with us. My guide shows me an image of a newsroom where “your soul” is calling out different leads to various “journalists” who are waiting and looking for the right job assignment that fits their personality. I am assuming this is how the process goes down. We present the “job” and the right guide takes it. 


4.    Are our guides shared by more than one person or are they dedicated to one person?

The answer to this question is both. Our guides are dedicated to one soul, but each soul- the oversoul- is split into many lives. Think octopus arms as different lives, but the whole body is one soul. I wrote about this concept in another post called, past lives aren’t in the past.

But this is not true for all guides. Every life your soul is living, despite the fact that these lives are sharing the same themes, might have different interests and therefore, will have different special assignment guides. 


5.    Are our guides with us for life or do they change based on life circumstances?

Some of our guides are with us for life and some of them come and go based on the circumstances we are going through or the direction we are choosing to head in. Although, we do have special assignment guides. Special assignment guides are guides that come to assist you when you decide to step into new territory. For instance, if you decide to write a book, you might ask for a guide who is knowledgeable in writing books to help you. This would be a special assignment guide.


6.    If with us for life, do our guides stick around for multiple lifetimes?

Based on what I have been told by The Fervers, a group of angelic beings that I have worked with in the past, all lives are simultaneously being lived. There is no such thing as time, except from our perception. So, with that belief, yes, some guides do stay with us for multiple lifetimes. These guides are with our different or individual lives because they agreed to work with our soul- the oversoul- unless a special guide comes into play. That special assignment guide is just helping the part of your soul that is living this particular life and having this particular experience. 


7.    Do our guides interact with other people’s guides and if so, how does the interaction work?

Our guides do communicate with other guides on our behalf. Sometimes it’s easier for information to flow through your guide, and ultimately to your awareness, instead of from a different guide.  You are already used to communicating and processing information with your guides, whether you realize it or not.

Guides communicate through telepathy. It's almost like your guide is playing telephone with someone else’s guide. I think my husband’s guide forgets some of the words in translation because whatever I think about cooking for dinner, my husband eats for lunch. I imagine his guide getting off the phone with mine, thinking, mmmm...tacos, and then my husband thinks the same, completely forgetting the part that this was dinner, not lunch. 

Sometimes, your guides do step aside while you communicate directly with other guides, such as when someone is doing a reading. The person receiving the information is speaking directly to their client’s guides, but their own guides are there for assistance when needed. 



I am patiently waiting to hear how Jennifer’s second date with the deep questioner goes. I am wondering if there will be follow up questions or questions about a different topic that I might feel qualified to answer. I am, however, very grateful that Jennifer let me use these questions because, being the great thinker that I am, I would have thought about how great an “everything you ever wanted to know about spirit guides” blog post would be, and then asked, so what do you want to know about spirit guides? Yep, that’s me- the shallow questioner.






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