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Happy Clients

I’ve had a number of readings over the years, but Miki’s reading stands out for its level of detail and accuracy. It was incredibly specific, including a number of personal details that showed me that she was in direct contact with my guides.I had one particular question involving some deep issues and the advice I got relating to that was incredible, deeply healing for me and also most illuminating on the subject of why people suffer in life. Miki handled the sensitivity of the question with much empathy and understanding. I received valuable advice concerning spirit guides, health, and current life circumstances and I therefore wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Miki for a reading.

A Murphy, Somerset UK

I'm writing this review to tell others how profound my work with Miki has been. We had an hour long session where she performed a crystal healing on me in order to clear away some negative energy within my lower chakras. Our appointment was remote where Miki performed her ceremony in Texas and I lay receptive on a bed in California. During that time, my body tingled and vibrated. I could feel the medicine at work. Afterwards, we had a conversation by phone about what she picked up about my energetic body. She told me that I suffered from self-doubt, a lack of self-love and had a negative relationship with my surroundings. What was so profound is that these were all issues I was working on but made no mention to before our work. She intuitively picked up on my personal truth without any prior knowledge. With this healing, I was able to go forward with a more informed attitude about my own personal spiritual growth, one that fostered compassion and understanding of my own behavior, leading to real, positive changes in my life. If you are suffering from a blockage within your energetic body or are just stuck on a particular problem in your life, Miki can help you like she helped me. She is truly a gifted healer.

Ayena Ma, California

Over the past year, I have had several opportunities to work with Miki. The first was when I was feeling stuck in my job and generally unhappy and lacked the needed energy in order to be successful. She spoke to me about clearing my chakras and although I was unsure what that meant or what was required, I put my trust in Miki to lead me through the process. Her words were so clear that I was able to follow her instructions and if I ever had any questions, she was always available to help me. I was amazed at how much life changed for me in just a summer from this one experience with her. I was open to finding new paths that would allow me to feel more fulfilled, less anxious, and ready for the next step. Since that time, I have turned to Miki for guidance and help when I become overwhelmed with wonder. I am now on a spiritual path where questions, or lack of understanding seemed to interfere with my moving forward. Being able to reach out to Miki is a blessing for she is able to contact my angels and spirit guides and get answers for me. I am often brought to tears as I read her responses for she has given me the insight and strength to trust myself.Miki is a wealth of information and no matter what I bring to her, she always has the resources and knowledge to provide me with exactly what I need.

Laure Arnoff, California

I don't normally write about healers or psychics, Miki is different. When I say different, I mean when she works you have an immediate effect. Now I am not talking about some Hollywood spontaneous regeneration nonsense, but what you will get is a strong emotional and physical reaction. When she worked on me I was knocked out asleep, out of my body astral traveling, as soon as she started; and for hours after she finished all from 2000 miles away. My doctors saw a difference in me within three months. The short version is I saw a 20% increase in kidney function after she worked on me, but more importantly I saw years of emotional trauma gone in a matter of hours. This of course led to further self examination and questions, but you buy the ticket, you take the ride.

Matthew Smithwick, Washington

Miki has been working with me for the last few years and it’s been amazing. She has done work as a medium, a Reiki healer, a crystal healer, a teacher and a psychic. All these different modalities have truly help me in my life. My chakras have never been so balanced and my self-esteem has grown tremendously. She has helped me communicate with my guides and my ancestors. She always brings such beautiful messages, even when there’s something I need to improve on. I am so lucky to have found Miki and her services. And I would love to recommend her to anyone who is looking for truly amazing change in their lives. Miki is very talented and very connected.

Jennifer Sher, California